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There are many electrochemical techniques that find use in a wide array of research fields. These range from different types of voltammetry used for electroanalysis and sensor research to electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) used in corrosion studies of coatings and failure analysis of batteries. Below is a collection of Application Notes designed to provide Princeton Applied Research users with practical information to ensure our instruments are used to their fullest capability.
General Best Practices and References
General Noise Mitigation Techniques
Noise Mitigation Using A Faraday Cage
Deaeration - Why and How
A Table of Selected Half-Wave Potentials for Inorganic Substances
Measurement Techniques for Electrochemical Water-Splitting

Electrochemical Research
Basics of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy 
A Review of Techniques for Electrochemical Analysis
Potential Error Correction (iR Compensation)

Basics of Corrosion Measurements
Electrochemistry and Corrosion Overview and Techniques
Best Practices for Improved Tafel Plots of High Capacitance Cells

VersaStudio Instrumentation Properties – Differential Voltage & Capacity Analysis
VersaStudio Instrument Properties - E and I Filters
VersaStudio Instrument Properties - Current Range
VersaStudio Instrument Properties - Electrometer Mode
Optimizing USB Communication between the PC and Potentiostat
Getting To Know Your Potentiostat - Potentiostat Stability Considerations
Using the QCM922 With the VersaSTAT and VersaStudio

Scanning Electrochemical Systems
VS - SKP/SVET:  Selecting the Appropriate Lock-in Amplifier Time Constant and Related Scan Parameters
Constant Distance mode SECM by Soft Stylus Probe

Legacy Instrumentation and Applications
Basics of Polarography 
Fundamentals of Stripping Voltammetry 
Square Wave Voltammetry 
Model 303A SMDE Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide 
Fast Scanning Electrochemistry with the 283/PARSTAT 2273
PowerSuite control in Windows 7 and 64-bit Operating System Environments