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PAR Single Channel Power Booster

Power Booster

The Princeton Applied Research Power Boosters are designed to boost the current measuring/applying capabilities of our potentiostats.  Each power booster consists of an external power supply interfaced to additional internal circuitry on the rear panel of the potentiostat.  A simple cable connection and switch setting converts the potentiostat from normal to boosted mode.

  • 8 A / 50 V, 10 A / 20 V, and 20 A / 20 V Options
    • Voltage and Current specification are bi-directional, for example +/- 20A and +/- 20 V.
    • Voltage specification boosts the Compliance Voltage.  Polarization Voltage range is determined by the potentiostat to which Booster is connected
  • Operates in boosted or normal mode
  • Compatible with VersaStudio or PowerSuite software
  • Internal 2A booster options for VersaSTAT 3/3F/4 purchased before August 1, 2018
  • Power Boosters may be purchased with the potentiostat or added later as an upgrade