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CorrWare/CorrView Software

Software Specifications
PC operating system  Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Software key  Uses PC USB Interface
PC communications  National Instruments USB-GPIB Adapter (uses 2nd PC USB interface)
 (for older PCs AT-GPIB / PCMCIA-GPIB)
Compatible instruments  Pstats - 1287A, 1285A, 1280Z
 FRAs – 1260A, 1255A/B, 1252A, 1250E/A/B, 1253A
PC software  Click Here for Latest Corrware Software
 Click Here for Latest CorrView Software

CorrWare for DC Electrochemistry
Corrware, with its companion data display and analysis program CorrView, is able to run a wide range of DC electrochemical tests using Solartron single channel 128x series potentiostats. It is the ideal tool for corrosion analysis, battery / fuel cell development and general electrochemistry.

CorrWare DC electrochemical experiments include:
  • Static and dynamic polarization
  • Open circuit vs time
  • Potentiostatic and potentiodynamic
  • Cyclic voltammetry
  • Galvanostatic and galvanodynamic
  • Potential and current square waves
  • Potential stair-step
  • Potential scan and hold
  • Electrochemical (E&I) noise
  • Galvanic square wave
  • Galvanic cycle (battery test)
  • Linear and anodic polarization scans
CorrView provides a comprehensive range of analysis functions available for DC electrochemical data, including trend overlays, Tafel and line fitting techniques, data integration etc. Data can easily be exported into other Windows applications for additional analysis and report generation.