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XM-studio Software

Software Specifications
PC operating system  Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Software key  Not required
PC communications  Ethernet Interface
Compatible instruments  ModuLab XM ECS, ModuLab ECS, ModuLab XM MTS, ModuLab MTS, EnergyLab XM, EchemLab XM, SolarLab XM, Materials Lab XM,  ModuLab XM Photoechem
Temperature control  Eurotherm 2000 series (requires RS485 serial interface)
 LakeShore (requires USB-GPIB adapter)
XM-studio PC Software
Version 3.4
(Compatible with
Firmware Version 4.0)
 Click Here To Download Software
Instrument Firmware
Version 4.0
(Compatible with
Software Version 3.4)
 Click Here To Download Firmware

XM-studio software provides the complete range of facilities in one very easy to use package. From test setup, to experiment execution, to data analysis and final report; the software provides ready built templates to get you started, and tests can be setup and run in just a few mouse clicks.

XM-studio software is fully featured and graphically oriented for ease of use:
  • Experiment sequences are setup using intuitive standard copy/paste, and drag & drop techniques
  • New experiments can be derived from previous experiments, by copying and then adjusting step parameters and test sequencing
  • Integrated equivalent circuit fitting

  • Extensive use of graphical waveforms in the software enable full understanding of test parameters and experiment settings. The effect of parameter changes are seen real-time at setup, allowing setup errors to be identified and corrected before the test is run.