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VersaSCAN Software

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All VersaSCAN users should update to the latest version of the VersaSCAN software (version 1.6.6465).  This update requires that VersaStudio be updated to at least version 2.52.  Upon completion of the VersaSCAN software update, please follow the link below to download and install the VersaStudio software, closely following the instructions provided. 

Click Here to Download VersaStudio

Once the VersaSCAN software is downloaded, be sure to unzip the folder and disconnect the VersaSCAN hardware from the computer before launching the VersaSCAN Setup Windows Installer.  Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

After the VersaSCAN and VersaStudio software packages are both installed, reconnect all the hardware and launch the VersaSCAN software.  Click on Manual Control in the top right-hand corner and check that you are able to move the probe in X, Y and Z directions.  Remember to consider clearance and the programed speed before moving the stages.

**Note – If you have powered off the X, Y and Z controller(s), they will have lost knowledge of their absolute position and a Home Routine will be performed so that the controllers can validate their current position and the limits on the scan parameters.  This routine drives the stages to the limits in the -X direction (left), -Y direction (back), and +Z direction (up).  You must consider that the travel on these stages is 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm; so ensure you have proper clearance prior to running this Home Routine.  You can Cancel the routine and remove possible obstructions before commencing with the Home Routine.

Please contact technical support by email at or contact your regional sales representative if you have any questions or issues with this process.




Compatible Instruments

 VersaSCAN and VersaSCAN-2

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  PC Operating System

Windows 10, 7


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