636A Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode (RRDE)

The Princeton Applied Research model 636A Electrode Rotator is a high performance system providing rapid acceleration and excellent speed control. The model 636A may be connected to any of the Princeton Applied Research electrochemical instruments. It can be used as a simple rotating disk electrode or as a rotating ring-disk electrode. The outstanding specifications of the model 636 make it the ideal choice for any laboratory.

The model 636A is suitable for use in hydrodynamically modulated systems. Its solid state controlled servosystem allows the electrode speed to follow an input signal with minimum distortion. This excellent performance is due to the use of a high speed, low inertia, permanent magnet DC motor and a high voltage, bipolar power supply. The rotational speed is adjustable to within 1% of the input setting 50-10,000 RPM. A voltage signal proportional to the rotational speed is available as an output.

A variety of electrodes is available for the model 636A. The user can choose from Pt, Au, and glassy carbon for disk work. For custom electrode materials, please contact AMETEK for availability.

While many users are interested in the behavior of a species in solution at an inert electrode, the corrosion scientist is concerned about the behavior of many different active electrodes. The needs of this group have been answered by the use of our Quick-Change electrode assemblies. An investigator can choose a disk geometry or a cylinder geometry and have the electrode machined out of the metal of interest. The rotator is designed to accept different arbors to accommodate these two options. For corrosion studies, a special disk assembly that allows the user to insert the disk of his or her choice is available.
  • Disk or Ring-Disk Configuration
  • Protective enclosure
  • Rotational Speeds to 10,000 RPM
  • A variety of Disk and Ring-Disk Electrode selections
  • Quick-Change Electrodes for corrosion studies
  • Cylindrical or Disk Electrodes for corrosion studies
  • On/Off and Rotational Rate Control from Princeton Applied Research
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  • Specifications +

    Power 115V AC or 230V AC, 50/60Hz, factory connected
    Weight Body with base: 23 lbs Control unit: 11.5lbs
    Operating Temperature 10°C to 40°C
    Control Unit Dimensions 11 3/8” W x 10 1/8” D x 5 ¾” H
    Base Dimensions 11” W x 15” D x 3/4” H
    Motor 1/50 HP permanent magnet DC
    Motor Power Supply +45V DC, -20V DC
    Speed Control Closed loop servo-system.  Temperature compensated tach generator mounted on motorshaft, providing rotational speed information
    Speed Range 50RPM to 10,000RPM
    Precision Better than ±1%
  • Options +

    Permanent Disk Electrodes Model Number
    (Requires Arbor) RDE0027
    Platinum RDE0004
    Gold RDE0005
    Glassy Carbon RDE0008
    Quick Change Disk/Cylinder Electrodes
    (Requires Arbor) RDE0027
    Disk Electrode Assembly RDE0001
    Disk Installation Tool RDE0002
    Cylinder Electrode Assembly RDE0011
    Ring Disk Electrodes
    (Requires Arbor) RDE0070
    Platinum Disk - Platinum Ring RDE0071
    Glassy Carbon Disk - Gold Ring RDE0072
    Glassy Carbon Disk - Platinum Ring RDE0073