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MultiStat Software

Software Specifications
PC operating system  Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Software key  Uses PC USB Interface
Compatible Ethernet Instruments  Pstats - 1470E
 Parallel FRA's - 1455A, 1451A

 Communications: Ethernet
Compatible GPIB Instruments  Pstats - 1470E, 1470A, 1480A
 Multiplexed FRAs – 1260A, 1255A/B, 1252A, 1250E/A/B, 1253A

 National Instruments USB-GPIB Adapter (uses 2nd PC USB interface)
 (or for older PCs AT-GPIB / PCMCIA-GPIB)
PC software  Click Here for Latest Multistat Software
 Some anti-virus programs may have problems downloading, try saving to your desktop
1470E firmware  Click Here to Download the Latest Version of Firmware 
1455A/1451A firmware  Click Here to Download the Latest Version of Firmware 

Multistat is a combined impedance / DC measurement package designed exclusively for use with the Solartron CellTest® System comprising of multichannel 1470E potentiostats and 145x series modular frequency response analyzers (FRAs). Multistat uses a data organization program called Data Explorer to efficiently store and retrieve multi-channel data and the integrated CorrView and ZView programs provide comprehensive data analysis facilities.

Multistat's intuitive design builds upon the capabilities of CorrWare and ZPlot and those users with experience of these packages will adapt to the MultiStat software with ease.