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ZSimpWin is a EIS Data Analysis program that does not require user-input on initial values 


  • Highlights +

    • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Data Analysis Software
    • Even without starting parameters from the user, software can fit EIS data to an Equivalent Circuit Model
    • Integrated with VersaStudio and also capable of imported data values 

  • Family of EIS Data Analysis Software +

    Family of EIS Data Analysis Software
    We offer two options for software packages that model EIS data by Equivalent Series Modeling.

    ZSIMPWIN is capable of fitting data without any requirement of user-input starting parameters.
    This analysis package is integrated with VersaStudio.  Nyquist plots have the option to show the frequency for each data point.
    This package is enabled through software-base registration code.
    You can download a demo version of the software on our webpage at:

    ZVIEW partners with the very popular ZPLOT software.  The models are input graphically.
    Capable of overlaying multiple data files and batch processing.
    This package is authorized using a hardware key, dongle.
    You can find more information on our website at:
  • Software Overview and Differentiation +

    Software Overview and Differentiation

    ZSimpWin is an Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Data Analysis Software integrated with the
    VersaStudio software to provide straightforward and versatile equivalent circuit model fitting.  Innovative concepts have been implemented to achieve the following performance:

    • Minimal user input: The user specifies a job by selecting a model for an impedance data set, and simply requests execution to ZSimpWin. 


    • Automatic analysis: Parameters associated with the selected model are determined automatically. ZSimpWin assigns an initial guess of these parameters (default = Auto Setup option), starts computation using the initial guess, finds results, improves these results a number of times until desired results are obtained, and then saves the final results.


    • Batch Analysis: Setup a batch by including multiple jobs and process in sequence. 


    • Output results in various forms: Results consist of plots, estimated parameters, and historical records of computation process.  Each or several combinations can be printed or copied to Windows clipboard. 

    • Requires only mouse button clicks:  The whole process requires no entry of numbers or character strings.                                                                
    • Compatible with Windows 10, 8 , 7 and XP.

    Download a demo version of ZSIMPWIN

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