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Power Boosters

  • Solartron Power Boosters

    • Up to 100 Volts
    • Up to 100 Amps
    • Wide frequency bandwidth for impedance measurements
    • Operates in boosted or non-boosted mode

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  • PAR MultiChannel Power Booster

    • 5 A and 10 A boosters in-chassis boosters available and compatible with the PMC-2000A and PMC-1000
    • Up to 20 A when operated in parallel
    • Test higher power and lower impedance batteries
    • Study larger electrodes with higher surface area

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  • Power Booster
    PAR Single Channel Power Booster

    • 8 Amp, 50 Volt model or  20 Amp, 20 Volt model
    • Operates in boosted mode or normal mode
    • Compatible with VersaStudio or PowerSuite software
    • Power Boosters may be purchased with potentiostat or added later

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