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Frequency Response Analyzer Software

The FRA Software is compatible with all our FRA's that have a GPIB control interface, and allows transfer function measurements to be made. The software is available to download from this website free of charge by following the links in the table below. 

Note that other Solartron Analytical software packages are available for controlling a combination of an FRA with a potentiostat/galvanostat, dielectric interface, or impedance interface. Click here for more information on these packages

Software Specifications
PC operating system Windows XP, Vista only
Software key Not required (free software)
PC Communications National Instruments USB-GPIB Adapter (uses PC USB interface)
(for older PCs AT-GPIB / PCMCIA-GPIB)Compatible Instruments 
Compatible Instruments FRAs - 1250E/A/B, 1254A, 1252A, 1253A, 1255A/B, 1260A
PC Software Click Here to Download FRA Software