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Solartron Power Boosters

Solartron Analytical external power boosters up to 100A or up to 100V with wide bandwidth for high frequency EIS.

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  • Highlights +

    • Line of models to elevate current up to 100A or voltage to 100V
    • Wide bandwidth for accurate EIS measurements at high frequency
    • External design is compatible with either single or multichannel Solartron Analytical potentiostats
    • Operates in boosted or non-boosted modes

  • Solatron Analytical Power Boosters +

    Solatron Analytical Power Boosters
    The High Power Boosters consists of a wide range of options to extend current and voltage.

     Part Number  Output Range
    BOOST6V100A  +6V to -2V, ± 100A
    BOOST8V50A +8V to -2V, ± 50A
    BOOST10V60A +10V to -2V, ± 60A
    BOOST12V20A  +12V to -3V, ± 20A
    BOOST24V10A +24V to -3V, ± 10A
    BOOST50V5A  +50V to -3V, ± 5A
    BOOST100V3A +100V to -3V, ± 3A
    (125 W)
    +50V to -3V, 0 to - 25A
  • Applications and Hardware, Software Compatibility +

    Applications and Hardware, Software Compatibility

  • Development of energy sources for laptop PCs, mobile phones and power tools.
  • Fuel cell and supercapacitor research for electric vehicle or standby power.
  • Battery research including the new generation 42 V lead acid automotive batteries.
  • Electrochemical etching and electroplating.

  • An extensive range of techniques are available for use with these boosters.
  • Potentiostatic and Galvanostatic
  • Cyclic Voltammetry
  • Ohmic Drop
  • High-speed voltage and current pulse techniques (e.g. for testing GMS mobile phone and satellite communication energy storage devices)
  • Swept sine analysis - for ultimate accuracy and repeatability
  • Multi-sine / Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) - for fast impedance analysis
  • Harmonic analysis - for optimization of stimulus levels and detection of noise and interference

  • The frequency range of the power booster is 10 µHz to 100 kHz allowing a wide range of energy storage devices to be characterized over their full frequency range.

    Hardware Compatibility
    Compatible with Solartron Potentiostats and FRAs (with appropriate potentiostats) including:
    ModuLab XM ECS
    EnergyLab XM
    EchemLab XM
    SolarLab XM

    Software Compatibility and Features
    These power boosters are fully integrated with the full range of Solartron single and multi-channel software packages. All scaling factors and control issues are taken care of by the software.

    Compatible with the following software packages:


  • Brochure and Manual +

  • Differentiated Specifications +

     Specifications  Solartron Analytical
    High Power Boosters
    Polarization, Compliance Voltage up to ± 100 V,
    depending on model
    Max Current Output up to ± 100 A,
    depending on model
    Current Range,
    Voltage Range
    Defined by potentiostat
    EIS Bandwidth  10 µHz to 100 kHz
    Cell Cables ModuLab XM ECS, EnergyLab XM,
    EchemLab XM, SolarLab XM

    1287A, 1285A, 1280Z
    Cell Test System 1470E
  • Video +

    Watch video demonstrations of the Solartron Power Boosters

  • Optional Software +

    • Mstat, MultiStat Software
      MultiStat Software

      Full support of potentiostatic and galvanostatic electrochemical techniques for the Solartron Analytical CellTest Systems.

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    • ZPlot Software
      ZPlot Software

      Full support of potentiostatic and galvanostatic electrochemical techniques for the Solartron Analytical CellTest Systems.

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