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5184 Ultra Low-Noise Preamplifier

5184 is our ultra low-noise preamplifier for voltage

Our lock-in amplifier software

  • Highlights +

    • Ultra low-noise Voltage preamplifier
    • Medium input impedance
    • 1 MHz to 0.5 Hz frequency response
    • Fixed x1000 gain 
    • Pseudo-differential input 
    • Battery or external DC power

  • Preamplifiers +

    Signal Recovery offers a line of voltage and current preamplifiers including low noise, wideband, and differential input.  All Signal Recovery’s preamplifiers are designed to work with Signal Recovery lock-in amplifiers or as stand-alone signal enhancing units.

    The 5182 is a Current Preamplifier.
    The 5184 is a Ultra Low-Noise Preamplifier for voltage.
  • Applications and Software +

    Applications and Software
    The model 5184 is a medium input impedance, AC-coupled, voltage preamplifier which features an ultra low-noise input stage. It has a frequency response from 0.5 Hz to 1 MHz and a fixed gain of x1000 (60 dB) and incorporates a special pseudodifferential input stage that can be floated to give the ground loop immunity normally associated with true differential inputs but without the associated noise penalty. It can be powered from its own internally housed (alkaline) batteries, an external low voltage supply (±15 V or ±18 V) or from the optional model PS0108 remote line power supply. This preamplifier can also be powered from most of our range of lock-in amplifiers.

    The model 5184 is ideal for use with: 
    • Medium impedance cryogenic source
    • IR detectors, such as HgCdTe, InSb and InAs
    • Increasing oscilloscope sensitivity

    The model 5182 and 5184 preamplifiers have an output impedance of 450 Ω which when connected to a 50 Ω load creates a convenient 10:1 signal attenuation.

    The preamplifiers can be controlled by Acquire software or SRInstComms.
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  • Detailed Specifications +

    AC coupled voltage amplifier with fixed x1000 (60dB) voltage gain and a maximum frequency reponse extending from 0.5 Hz to 1 MHz. Pseudo-differential input and single-ended output via BNC connectors.

    Battery powered from internal alkaline batteries or external DC power supplies.
    Modes Asymmetrical differential. Front panel ground terminal provided.
    Coupling AC
    Impedance 5 MΩ//50 pF
    Frequency Response 0.5 Hz - 1 MHz
    C.M.R.R. >80 dB (100 Hz to 1 kHz)
    Max differential input voltage 10 mV pk-pk
    Max common--mode input voltage
    300 mV pk-pk
    Max single low potential w.r.t. ground terminal
    ±600 mV
    Max input without damage ±15 V DC or 10 V rms. AC @ 50 Hz
    Noise See Figure 1; typ 800 pV/ Hz @ 1 kHz
    Gain x1000 (60 dB) fixed
    Gain Accuracy ±1%
    Gain Stability ±800 ppm/ºC
    Impedance 450Ω
    Max voltage swing >10 V pk-pk
    Slow rate >22 V/µs
    Polarity Non-inverting
    Distortion < 0.1% T.H.D.
    Internal Four 9 V alkaline batteries provide approximately 8 hours of use
    a) ±15 V or ±18 V DC @ 40 mA
    b) 110 V AC or 240 V AC via optional external model PS0108 power supply
    (excluding connectors)
    8.25" wide x 11" deep x 3.5" high (210 mm wide x 279 mm deep x 89 mm high)
    Weight 5.3 lbs. (2.4 kg) excluding power supply
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