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Materials Analysis

Solartron Analytical provides a range of integrated solutions that enable researchers to measure the combined electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of materials. Testing over a wide temperature range -268 to >1200° C is simplified using PC software with integrated temperature control facilities. Remote controlled furnaces and cryostats with purpose designed sample holders simplify testing of solids, liquids and powders. Materials can also be tested in specialized atmospheric conditions with use of single or dual gases for fuel cell, solid oxide and super ionic conductor applications.

Materials that can be tested include insulators, dielectrics, ionic conductors and electronic materials using a wide range of time domain and AC electrical techniques including I-V, fast pulse, C-V, Mott-Schottky, impedance, capacitance, and tan delta. Our systems provide full integration of time domain and AC techniques that provide charge carrier excitation and analysis without changing sample setup and connections.

The control software is designed for ease of use with connection diagrams, waveform diagrams and drag and drop data overlays. The use of loops enable easy setup of parametric tests that include control of AC voltage, DC voltage, AC frequency, and Temperature. The software also provides detailed analysis capabilities including equivalent circuit fitting for characterizing and optimizing your materials.