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SI-6200 Battery Analyzer


The SI-6200 battery cycler is designed for testing a wide range of battery materials, supercapacitors and micro fuel cells (MFC) at up to 200mA/10V per channel. Solartron battery analyzers are much more than standard battery cyclers offering a wide range of analytical capabilities.

  • Highlights +

    • Stand-alone operation using stackable 10 channel modules, or cabinet based.
    • Fast data acquisition speed of 1000s/s across all channels using patent-pending Direct To Disk technology.
    • High resolution 24-bit converters allow early detection of small differences in cell behaviors in turn saving time.
    • Parallel channel connections also allow testing of 10 W devices.
    • Flexible and scalable multi-user, multi -PC battery cycler.
    • Built-in EIS on all channels (not multiplexed).
    • Seamless integration of 3rd party climate chamber and data logging equipment.
  • Family Overview +

    Solartron’s battery cyclers have created a new category of battery test equipment. They have all the facilities of standard cyclers plus a lot more, including built-in EIS (Impedance) measurements and fast data acquisition for time domain (DC) tests on all channels.

    These advanced cyclers use Solartron’s patent-pending direct to disk technology (store data direct from cycler to disk without PC assistance) for fast data acquisition, allowing detailed measurements of pulse waveforms on all channels.

  • Software Overview +

    The Aspire Energy software is a powerful multi-user, multi-PC, multi-channel platform. This software allows multiple users and PCs to get connected simultaneously for test control, monitoring and data analysis.

    Aspire Energy software offers:

    • Standard cycler tests CC-CV, CC-CP, CC-CR, constant voltage, constant current, open circuit
    • Advanced capabilities – EIS, Cyclic Voltammetry, Urban Profile (depending on hardware)
    • Fast pulse – current or voltage controlled
    • Seamless integration of 3rd party equipment – Climate Chambers, Data Loggers

    Shareable centralized libraries for:

    • Use of consistent test procedures, graph displays, cell configurations, data analysis
    • Time domain and EIS data collection
  • Documents +

  • Differentiated Specifications +

    Specifications SI-6200  SI-9300R
    Voltage -3V to +10V 300 mV to 10 V 
    Current per channel ±200 mA ±200 A (±300 A pulse) 
    Voltage / Current Resolution 24-bit ADCs  24-bit ADCs
    Max current parallel channels ±2 A  ±1000 A
    Number channels per module 10  5
    EIS Frequency Range 1 mHz to 20 kHz 1 mHz to 10 kHz 
    EIS Capability Built-in, all channels  Built-in, all channels
     Data Acquisition Rate    1000 s/s all channels 1000 s/s all channels 
     Regenerative Power Supply    No  Yes
     Integration 3rdparty equipment   Climate Chambers / Data Loggers   Climate Chambers / Data Loggers

  • Options +

    Cabinet:  SI-6200 battery analyzer also offers the cabinet option to conveniently stack large multi-module configurations for up to 12 modules (120 channels) per cabinet.

    UPS: Uninterruptible power supply option ensures a smooth system shutdown incase of power failures, saves test status and is mandatory for power failure recovery. Can be used with standalone or cabinet option.

    NAS: Network Attached Storage or patent-pending Direct to Disk option removes the dependency on single PC for data storage, allows faster data acquisition and development of centralized test libraries. Can be used for both cabinet and standalone options.

  • Accessories +

    Coin cell holders are available to allow quick and convenient connection of coin cell batteries.

    Cell cables are available at various lengths to allow connection to cells in climate chambers etc.

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