Legacy Products

AMETEK SI has a proud history of the design, manufacture, support and service of many key products.
However, over time many of the specialized components that give our products their industry-leading specifications go obsolete.
As a result, we are required to end of the sale and service of these certain products.
However, we want to provide all the information we can for users that still rely on these products today.

  • 1285 Potentiostat
    1285A DC Potentiostat Galvanostat

    • High accuracy DC only potentiostat/galvanostat

    • DC techniques include cyclic voltammetry, galvanostatic, electrochemical noise

    • ±14.5 volt range (polarization and compliance)

    • Floating system with 2 Amp maximum current range

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  • 1252 Frequency Response Analyzer
    1252A Frequency Response Analyzer

      • Frequency range 10 µHz to 300 kHz

      • Used with 1287A/1470E for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), or with 1296A/1294A for materials research 

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  • 5210 Lock-in Amplifier
    5210 Dual Phase Analog Lock-in Amplifier

    • 0.5 Hz to 120 kHz operation
    • Voltage and current mode inputs
    • Continuous full-scale sensitivity control
    • Powerful fourth-order signal channel Bandpass, Low Pass or Notch filter
    • Up to 130 dB dynamic Reserve
    • Synchronous 15-bit ADC for lower input jitter

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  • 5113 Low Noise Voltage Preamplifier

    Low Noise Voltage Preamplifier

    • Low-Noise
    • Single-ended or Differential input modes
    • DC to 1 MHz frequency response
    • Optional low-pass, bandpass or high-pass signal channel filtering
    • "Sleep" mode to eliminate digital noise
    • Optically-isolated RS232 control interface
    • Battery or line power
    • Acoustic astronomy
    • Radio astronomy
    • AC bridge measurements
    • Oscilloscope preamplification
    • Hall-effect signal amplification

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  • 5185 Wideband Preamplifier

    Wideband Preamplifier

    • 50 Ω or 1 MΩ input impedance
    • Low noise
    • x10 or x100 gain
    • DC to > 200 MHz frequency response
    • DC offset control
    • Line power
    • Signal averager preamplification
    • Boxcar averager preamplification
    • Increasing sensitivity of oscilloscopes and fast ADC

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  • 5186 Differential Preamplifier

    • High input impedance
    • True differential input
    • Adjustable gain
    • 0.5 Hz to 1 MHz frequency response
    • Battery or external DC power

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  • 7210 Muliti-channel Lock-in Amplifier
    7210 Multichannel Lock-in Amplifier

    • 20 Hz to 50.5 kHz operating frequency range
    • Voltage mode inputs with 0.1 mV to 1 V sensitivity range 
    • All channels are calibrated to each other with synchronized data acquisition
    • Independent control of each input channel 
    • Tandem demodulation operating mode for AM and FM input signals 
    • RS232 and GPIB computer interfaces

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  • 7210DIF Four Channel Differential Input

    4 Channel Differential Voltage Preamplifier

    • True differential inputs
    • Medium Input Impedance
    • 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz range
    • Gain of x100 with x1, x10 and x1000 available
    • Low Noise: <10 nV / √Hz at 1 kHz
    • External Power, Battery or Line

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  • 7124 Lock-in Amplifier
    7124 Precision DSP Lock-in Amplifier

    • All analog front end
    • 0.5 Hz to 150 kHz operating frequency range
    • Voltage and current mode inputs
    • 10 µs to 100 ks output filter time constants
    • Dual Reference, Dual Harmonic and Virtual Reference operating modes
    • USB, RS232, and Ethernet computer interfaces

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  • Time of Flight
  • RDE0001 Customer-Made Disk Electrodes

    • RDE tip is Teflon with a 17.0 mm O.D
    • Holds disk electrodes that are 11.3 mm in diameter with a 1 cm2 surface area
    • Supplied with a 430 SS sample

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  • RDE0002 Customer-Made Disk Installation Tools

    Allowed for easy installation of the customer-made disk electrode.

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  • PowerSuite Software

    PowerSuite Electrochemistry Software is comprised of the following modules that can be purchased separately or as a complete package.

    • PowerCORR - Corrosion Measurement Software
    • PowerPULSE - Electroanalytical Software
    • PowerSINE - Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy software
    • PowerCV - Voltammetry Software
    • PowerSTEP - Chronoamperometry / Chronopotentiometry software 

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