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Materials Test Systems

Systems for testing combined electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of insulators, dielectrics, and electronic materials.  These systems include specialized accessories – High Voltage Amplifiers, Cryostats, Furnaces, and Sample Holders for liquids, powders, and solid materials.
  • ModuLab XM ECS
    ModuLab XM MTS - Materials Test System

    A highly flexible platform with options for advanced measurements in materials, electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry.

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  • Materials Lab XM
    Materials Lab XM

    Materials Lab XM is small footprint instrument designed with an application focus on dielectrics and electronic materials

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  • 1260 Frequency Response Analyzer
    1260A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer

    1260A is the cornerstone of FRA technology and is the most cited, most popular Impedance Analyzer available.  

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