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K0047 Corrosion Cell Kit

K0047 Corrosion Cell Kit
The K0047 Corrosion Cell Kit is ideal for testing and evaluation of metal specimens in corrosive environments. It is fashioned after a well known cell configuration and is a standard in many ASTM methods. The cell permits a series of metal specimens and liquid environments to be tested quickly and uniformly. Most of the common electrochemical techniques for corrosion testing can be employed under aggressive conditions (except for HF) and at ambient or elevated temperatures. The standard specimen holder included in the kit is designed to accept cylindrical specimens 1/2" (1.27 cm) long, 3/8" (0.95) cm in diameter, drilled to a depth of 1/4" and tapped to accept a 3-48 thread. The cell will accommodate other working-electrode geometries as long as the specimen can clear the 45 mm (1-3/4") diameter opening provided for the electrode holder.

G0091 2 Graphite Rod
G0094 1 Purge Tube
G0095 1 Reference Electrode Bridge Tube
G0096 1 Corrosion Flask, 1 L
G0097 1 Electrode Holder
G0098 2 Threaded Adapter for T24/40 Joint
G0099 1 Ball and Socket Clamp
G0300 1 Replacement Porous Glass Frits (pkg of 5) -Replaces G0100
K0077 1 Saturated Calomel Reference Electrode
MP0630 1 Replacement Teflon Gaskets for Mounting Sample (pkg of 5)
MP0631 1 Electrode Mounting Rod
MP0751 1 Cylinder Specimen, 430 Stainless Steel
2806-0043-0 1 Knurled Thumb Nut
2815-0043-0 1 Flat Washer
2815-0093-0 1 Flat Teflon Washer
6006-0019 1 Alligator Clip Lead, 12 in
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    K0105-Flat-Specimen-Holder K0105 Flat Specimen Holder Kit

    The K0105 extends the versatility of the basic K0047 corrosion measurement system by allowing the corrosion characteristics of flat specimens to be readily determined. This Tefzel holder is designed to accept flat specimens 0.625 ± 0.010" in diameter and up to 1/8" thick. The sealing washer is made of Kalrez and exposes 1 cm2 of the specimen to the test solution. The flat specimen holder attaches to G0097 electrode holder so that it can be used with the G0096 corrosion flask. The 2517-0921-0 Sample Holder Rod is made of 303 Stainless Steel.

    The K0105 Kit includes:

    Model Qty. Description
    OR0080 2 Kalrez O-rings
    2504-0081-0 2 Kalrez O-rings
    2517-0918-0 1 Sample Holder Body
    2517-0919-0 1 Sample Holder Plug
    2517-0920-0 1 Sample Holder Cap
    2517-0921-0 1 Sample Holder Rod
    211513 2 Kalrez Flat Washers

    K0157 Flat Washer Kit

    This kit contains 4 replacement Kalrez washers for the K0105 Flat Specimen Holder Kit.

    The K0157 Kit includes:

    Model Qty. Description
    211513 4 Kalrez Flat Washers

    MP1239 Crevice-Free Teflon Washer

    This washer eliminates crevice corrosion in the K0105 Flat Specimen Holder by sealing with a "knife-edge" instead of a flat surface. This Teflon washer is used in place of the normal Kalrez sealing washer, K0157. Due to the cold-flow characteristics of Teflon, these gaskets should be used once and discarded. They can be purchased in a package of 25.

    K0106 O-Ring Kit

    The K0106 O-ring kit contains three pairs of replacement Kalrez O-rings and washers. The Kalrez washers are elastic and can be used many times before needing replacement.

    The K0106 Kit includes:
    Model Qty. Description
    OR0080 2 Kalrez O-rings
    2504-0081-0 2 Kalrez O-rings
    211513 2 Kalrez Flat Washers

    Corrosion-Cell-Storage-Bottle G0101 Storage Bottle

    • Used for reference electrode and reference electrode bridge tube storage
    • 25/18 Standard Ground Ball Socket
    Corrosion-Cell-Thermometer-Adapter G0196 Corrosion Cell Thermometer Adapter

    This glass adapter is used for temperature controlled experiments where use of a thermometer is necessary. It can be used in place of one of the G0098 threaded counter electrode adapters. It accomodates the G0091 Graphite Rod as well as a standard 1/4" diameter thermometer and includes a fitting for purge gas. Thermometer not included.

    • 24/40 Standard Taper Joint