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CellTest 1470-1455 Software


The CellTest software is a freely available software package to control the Solartron Analytical CellTest System.  This system is a multichannel potentiostat series 147x and associated FRAs for either parallel or multiplexed EIS experiments.

 1470E CellTest Multichannel Potentiostat - Solartron Analytical


Compatible Instruments

Potentiostats: 1470E
Parallel FRAs:
1455A, 1451A

Potentiostats:  1470E, 1470A, 1480A
Multiplexed FRAs: 
1260A, 1255A/B, 1252A, 1250E/A/B, 1253A



Temperature Control

Eurotherm 2000 series 
Requires RS485 serial interface

Votsch 4000 series
Requires RS232 serial interface

 Clipart laptop - ClipartBarn
  PC Operating System

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

  PC Software Download

Download CellTest Software

Instrument Firmware Download

1470E/A, 1480A Firmware
Click Here To Download Firmware

1455A/1451A Firmware
Click Here To Download Firmware

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