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Electrochemical Accessories

Electrochemical analyses of all types require many components in addition to the potentiostat/galvanostat to provide a complete solution.  Corrosion and voltammetry cells, electrodes and battery holders turn your potentiostat into an electrochemical test system.
  • Power Boosters

    PAR and Solartron power boosters are designed to extend the voltage and current capabilities of single and multichannel potentiostats up to 100V or 100A.

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  • 636A RRDE Rotating Ring Disk Electrode

    Rotating Ring Disk Electrode (RRDE), Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE), Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE), and a complete line of rotator accessories are available through AMETEK SI for energy and electrochemical research.

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  • Electrochemical Cell Kits

    AMETEK SI offers a variety of cell kits used for many applications, including physical electrochemistry, sensors, energy, corrosion and coatings.

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  • Reference Electrodes

    Reference electrodes compatible with our electrochemical cells are available in a range of form factors and chemistries (SCE, Ag/AgCl, Hg/Hg2SO4), with aquaeous and non-aqueous options.

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  • Bridge Tubes

    • Bridge tubes with various form factors are available
    • Glass or polyethylene frits are available
    • Bridge tubes are compatible with our electrochemical cells and with other commercially available cells

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  • Battery Holders - VersaSTAT Series - PARSTAT Series
    Battery Holders

    • Replaces the standard cell cable by connecting directly to the potentiostat
    • 5 options are available for the following form factors:  18650, AA, AAA, coin cell (2032) and a flexible screw-based design for custom geometries
    • Compatible with the VersaSTAT-series and most PARSTAT-series potentiostats

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  • LC Low Current Interface

    • Designed as a plug-in add on to extend the low current capability of many of the Princeton Applied Research potentiostats

    • Femtoampere accuracy and attoampere resolution for both DC and AC (EIS) measurements

    • Auto-current ranging capability from 200 mA - 4 pA (80 fA minimum range with PARSTAT 4000A)       

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  • QCM922A Quartz Crystal Microbalance and EQCM

    • Sensitive enough to measure mass changes in a monolayer 
    • Frequency range of up to 30MHz
    • Range of resonators (electrodes) and cells available

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  • Faraday Cage

    • Designed to reduce noise pickup in electrochemical measurements
    • Standard faraday cage is large enough to accommodate our electrochemical cells and VersaSTAT LC
    • An oversized faraday cage designed for use with the VersaSCAN is also available

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