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Electrochemical Accessories

Electrochemical analyses of all types require many components in addition to the potentiostat/galvanostat to provide a complete solution.  Corrosion and voltammetry cells, electrodes and battery holders turn your potentiostat into an electrochemical test system.
  • Power Boosters
    Power Boosters

    PAR and Solartron power boosters are designed to extend the voltage and current capabilities of single and multichannel potentiostats up to 100V or 100A.

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  • 636A RRDE Rotating Ring Disk Electrode

    Rotating Ring Disk Electrode (RRDE), Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE), Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE), and a complete line of rotator accessories are available through AMETEK SI for energy and electrochemical research.

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  • Electrochemical Cell
    Electrochemical Cell Kits

    AMETEK SI offers a variety of cell kits used for many applications, including physical electrochemistry, sensors, energy, corrosion and coatings.

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  • Reference Electrodes
    Reference Electrodes

    Reference electrodes compatible with our electrochemical cells are available in a range of form factors and chemistries (SCE, Ag/AgCl, Hg/Hg2SO4), with aqueous and non-aqueous options.

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  • Bridge Tubes
    Bridge Tubes

    Bridge tubes have specific geometry to effectively position the Reference Electrode close to the Working Electrode (sample) thus reducing solution resistance and thus uncompensated resistance.

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  • Battery Holders - VersaSTAT Series - PARSTAT Series
    Battery Holders

    Battery Holders replace the traditional cell cable of compatible potentiostats.  This provides a cleaner signal control and response measurement, as well as a cleaner laboratory.

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  • VersaSTAT-LC_Tilt Left
    LC Low Current Interface

    The VersaSTAT-LC is a field-upgradeable accessories that improves low current measurement capability (range and resolution) by 1000x.  This is paricularly useful in high impedance samples, such as coatings, or ultramicroelectrodes.

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  • QCM922A Quartz Crystal Microbalance and EQCM
    QCM922A Quartz Crystal Microbalance and EQCM

    QCMs measure small changes in mass by measuring resonance frequency.  When combined with our potentiostats, charge and mass changes can be correlated.  This is a key relationship in plating and sensor applications.

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  • Faraday Cage K0269B
    Faraday Cage

    Faraday Cage prevents noise from the test environment from influencing the measured results.  This impact is dramatic for experiments with low currents or high impedance, such as physical electrochemistry.

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