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LC Low Current Interface

LC Low Current Interface

The LC Low Current Interface is a plug-in, research grade option compatible with many of the Princeton Applied Research potentiostats/galvanostats, designed for the measurement of ultra-low currents with greater accuracy and resolution than the base system.  With the addition of a LC option, the minimum current range is reduced to 4 pA (80 fA with the PARSTAT 4000A) and the current resolution to 122 aA (2.5 aA with the PARSTAT 4000A).

The LC is ideal for ultra-low current applications requiring high resolution.  Applications involving ultramicroelectrodes, coatings research, corrosion testing of bio-implants, and sensor development are all areas where greater current sensitivity may be needed.

The LC option can be purchased at any time as a plug-in option.  It consists of an interface cable to connect to the potentiostat/galvanostat, a main body including the high input impedance electrometer and additional current ranges, and the cell leads.  Once attached to the potentiostat/galvanostat users can execute the built in DC Calibration routine.  VersaSTAT 3 users will gain access to the improved E and I Filters as well as additional bandwidth stabilization filters.

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    System Performance PARSTAT 4000/+/A
    Minimum Current Range     80 fA (8 x 10-14 A)
    Minimum Current Resolution   2.5 aA (2.5 x 10-18 A)
    System Performance VersaSTAT Series and PARSTAT MC 1000
    Minimum Current Range  4 pA (4 x 10-12 A)
    Minimum Current Resolution   122 aA (122 x 10-18 A)
    Power Amplifier
    Maximum Current  ± 200 mA
    Differential Electrometer
    Input Bias Current  <200 fA at 25°C
    Maximum Voltage Range
     ± 10 V maximum
    Input Voltage Differential  ± 10 V
    Bandwidth   700 kHz (-3 dB)
    Common Mode Rejection
     >60 dB @ 100 Hz, >50 dB @ 100 kHz
    Input Impedance   >1014 Ω in parallel with <200 fF, typical
    Current Measurement
    Ranges  12 decades, 200 mA to 4 pA
     (80 fA for PARSTAT 4000/+/A)
    Accuracy (dc)  2 μ to 200 mA < 0.2% full scale
     20 nA and 200 nA ranges < 0.5% full scale
     200 pA - 4 pA ranges < 1.0% full scale ±500 fA full scale
    Current Control
    Applied Current Range  ± full scale per range
    Applied Current Resolution   ± 1/32,000 x full scale
    Applied Current Accuracy   ± 0.5% of range, ±0.5% of reading
    Max. Current Range/Resolution   ± 200 mA / 10 μA
    Min. Current Range/Resolution   ± 4 pA / 122 aA for VersaSTATs and PMC1000
     (80 fA / 2.5 aA for PARSTAT 4000/+/A)

    0 to +5 V
    0 to +5 V