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LC Low Current Interface

VersaSTAT-LC improves the low-current measurement capability by 1000x in range and resolution to industry-leading attoAmp levels.

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  • Highlights +

    • Improves lowest current range of PARSTAT4000A to 80 fA and the current resolution to 2.5 aA
    • Improves lowest current range of PMC-1000 and VersaSTATs to 4 pA and the current resolution to 122 aA
    • Now compatible with VersaSCAN for high-resolution SECM experiments
    • Plug-and-Play option to be added in any laboratory
    • Provides access to more filtering than available with a standard VersaSTAT3

  • VersaSTAT LC +

    VersaSTAT LC

    The LC Low Current Interface is a plug-in, research grade option compatible with many of the Princeton Applied Research potentiostats and galvanostats, designed for the measurement of ultra-low currents with greater accuracy and resolution than the base system.  With the addition of a LC option, the minimum current range is reduced to 4 pA (80 fA with the PARSTAT 4000A) and the current resolution to 122 aA (2.5 aA with the PARSTAT 4000A).

    The LC option can be purchased at any time as a plug-in option.  It consists of an interface cable to connect to the potentiostat and galvanostat, a main body including the high input impedance electrometer and additional current ranges, and the cell leads.  Once attached to the potentiostat/galvanostat users can execute the built in DC Calibration routine.  VersaSTAT 3 users will gain access to the improved E and I Filters as well as additional bandwidth stabilization filters.

  • Applications and Software +

    Applications and Software

    The LC is ideal for ultra-low current applications requiring high resolution. 

    Applications involving ultramicroelectrodes, coatings research, corrosion testing of bio-implants, and sensor development are all areas where greater current sensitivity may be needed.


  • Brochure and Manual +

  • Differentiated Specifications +

     Specifications VersaSTAT-LC and 
    VersaSTAT and PMC-1000
    VersaSTAT-LC and
    PARSTAT 4000A
    Min Current Range  4 pA (4 x 10-12 A)  80 fA (8 x 10-14 A)
    Min Current Resolution
     122 aA (122 x 10-18 A)  2.5 aA (2.5 x 10-18 A)
    Input Impedance  >1014Ω in parallel with <200 fF, typical
    Input Bias Current  <200 fA at 25°C
  • Accessories +

    • Faraday Cage K0269B
      Faraday Cage

      Faraday Cage prevents noise from the test environment from influencing the measured results.  This impact is dramatic for experiments with low currents or high impedance, such as physical electrochemistry.  

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  • Video +

    Watch video demonstrations of the LC Low Current Interface

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