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VersaStudio Software

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The complete VersaStudio software provides full access to the capabilities of the VersaSTAT series and PARSTAT series of instruments, including the high current option, FRA, power booster and low current interface when present. Various systems are provided to combine hardware and the VersaStudio software that focus on particular application areas, while minimizing cost.

VersaSTAT series is an option platform and may be upgraded at any time. The techniques and packages are detailed in the VersaSTAT brochure.

The VersaStudio software modules make use of core facilities that provide everything you would expect from a high quality electrochemical system.

  • Flexible experiment setup that can automatically sequence the potentiostatic, galvanostatic, and impedance capabilities of the VersaSTAT and PARSTAT hardware
  • Results display and overlay in a wide variety of axis formats for DC and AC experiments   
  • DC data analysis and fitting routines including Line, Peak Analysis, Tafel, and Polarization Resistance (Rp)
  • Built-in smoothing algorithms can be applied, per the user’s selection, to any graph
  • Data Output in text format for use in other graphing software for further analysis and report generation
  • Comprehensive EIS analysis and fitting techniques are optionally available by importing data directly into ZSimpWin or export to ZVIEW software

Using the carefully designed menus, even complicated experimental sequences, (e.g. battery charge / pulse discharge / EIS or multi-step electrochemical applications), are simple and logical to configure.



Compatible Instruments

VersaSTAT 3 / 3F / 4
PARSTAT MC / 3000A / 4000A / 3000A-DX

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  PC Operating System

Windows 10, 8, 7, XP


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