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ZView Software

ZView Software is the most popular package for data analysis of EIS measurements


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  • Highlights +

    • ZView integrates with both PAR and Solartron Analytical data files
    • Offers best-in-class equivalent circuit modeling with graphical interface
    • Fit common circuits instantly, generate publication-quality graphs quickly
  • Family of EIS Data Analysis Software +

    Family of EIS Data Analysis Software
    We offer two options for software packages that model EIS data by Equivalent Series Modeling.

    ZSIMPWIN is capable of fitting data without any requirement of user-input starting parameters.
    This analysis package is integrated with VersaStudio.  Nyquist plots have the option to show the frequency for each data point.
    This package is enabled through software-base registration code.
    You can download a demo version of the software on our webpage at:

    ZVIEW partners with the very popular ZPLOT software.  The models are input graphically.
    Capable of overlaying multiple data files and batch processing.
    This package is authorized using a hardware key, dongle.
    You can find more information on our website at:
  • Differentiated Features +

    These are just some of the features that sets ZView as a very popular equivalent circuit modeling program for EIS Data Analysis:

    • Powerful equivalent circuit modeling
    • Instant fitting with common circuits
    • Data processing & graphing
    • Batch file processing
    • Kramers-Kronig (K-K) testing
    • Modify data for area-normalization, component subtraction or addition
    • Generate publication-quality graphs on a variety of axes
    • Analyze and fit data using built-in or user-defined Equivalent Circuit Models
    • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
    • Collect data in the background while analyzing in the foreground
    • Analyze and graph data on multiple computers – analyze data in your office while performing measurements in the lab
    • 2-D and 3-D display and printing with a wide range of axes
    • Can be used with CorrWare® for Windows for integrated DC and AC experiments
    • Uses multiplexers to perform experiments on multiple cells without user intervention.
    • USB licensing dongle
  • Compatibility +

    ZView supports the following AMETEK Scientific Instruments data files:

    Solartron Analytical:  1296A, SMaRT, CellTest, ModulabCSV

    Princeton Applied Research: VersaStudio (VersaSTAT-series, PARSTAT-series), PowerSuite Export, 378, 388, 398

    Other User Defined Formats

    Supported Frequency Response Analyzers:

    • Solartron Analytical 1255/1255B, 1252/1252A, 1253, 1250/1250B, 1280/1280B/1280C, and 1260/1260A

    Supported Potentiostat/Galvanostats:

    • Solartron Analytical 1470 / 1480, 1294, 1287, 1286, 1285, 1280/1280B/1280C
    • Princeton Applied Research (PAR) 283/283A, 273/273A, and 263/263A

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