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9305-P Fast Preamplifier

The Model 9305-P Fast Preamplifier contains a direct-coupled wideband hybridized amplifier suitable for use with photomultipliers, electron multipliers, and other detectors used in photon counting, ion counting, or fast-timing applications. 

In addition to the fast rise time (<3 ns), Model 9305-P has a variable voltage gain of 5-10 and can drive ±5 V into a 50-Q load. The 9305-P also features excellent dc and gain stability along with low noise and <5 ns overload recovery time. Overload input protection is provided also. 

Hybrid circuit technology gives the Model 9305-P high performance and reliability. For operator convenience independent bandwidth (BOW), output dc offset (DC), and fine gain (GAIN) adjustments are included. 

Because of its compact size and light weight, the Model 9305-P is ideal for mounting directly on or close to a detector. Consequently, low-level signals which would otherwise be susceptible to distortion by noise or interference are amplified to a suitable level for cable connection to the main amplifier. Connection to a power supply is through a 10-ft cable furnished with the Model 9305-P.
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    NOMINAL VOLTAGE GAIN 5-10, non-inverting.
    RISE TIME <3 ns to ±5 V into 50 Ω; bandwidth >120 MHz.
    NOISE <25 µV referred to the input measured with an HP3400A true rms voltmeter.  Wideband noise (200 MHz) <30 µv referred to the input.
    INTEGRAL NONLINEARITY Typically ≤±1% for output to ±5 V.
    PULSE OVERLOAD RECOVERY Typically ±5 ns for a X10 overload.
    GAIN INSTABILITY Typically ≤±0.05%/ºC.
    DC INSTABILITY Typically ≤±150 µV/ºC referred to the output.
    INPUT IMPEDANCE 50 Ωm dc-coupled.
    OUTPUT IMPEDANCE <1 Ω, dc-coupled.
    OUTPUT LINEAR RANGE ±5 V into 50 Ω.
    CONTROLS BDW 20-turn potentiometer adjusts theh output bandwidth and overshoot.  Front-panel mounted.
    DC 20-turn potentiiometer adjusts the output  dc offset.  Front-panel mounted.
    GAIN 20-turn potentiiometer adjusts the voltage gain from typically 5 to 10.  Front-panel mounted.
    POWER REQUIRED + 12 V, 67 mA; -12 V, 67 mA.
    WEIGHT Net 0.2 kg (12 oz.)
    Shipping 1.25 kg (2 lb 12 oz).
    DIMENSIONS 3.81 X 6.1 X 8.89 cm (1.5 X 2.4 X 3.5 in.).

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