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Piezoelectric Materials

Techniques:  I-V, C-V, P-E, impedance, capacitance, permittivity, dielectric constant/loss, grain size, polarization thresholds, AC conductivity
Applications:    PC Memory, FeRAM, actuators, accelerometers, microphones, ink-jet heads, sensors
Types: Ferroelectric, piezoelectric, MEMs, NEMs, multiferroics, thin film, PZT, Barium Titanate, Perovskite

Piezoelectrics are materials that accumulate charge as a function of mechanical stress and also operate in reverse, changing dimensions as a function of the applied electric field. There are many applications for these materials including cell phone microphones, speakers, actuators, ink-jet printer heads, airbag sensors, accelerometers, guidance systems, gyroscopes, accelerometers etc.

Solartron Analytical provides the following test systems for the characterization of these materials:
  • The ModuLab XM MTS Test System provides complete time domain/AC device characterization using an extensive range of “Plug and Play” options:
  • The Model 1260A Impedance Gain Phase Analyzer is referenced in thousands of publications and is able to test capacitance/ C-V / impedance / Mott-Schottky from 10 µHz to 32 MHz (over 12 decades of frequency); enabling full characterization of ferro/piezoelectric materials
  • The Model 1296A Dielectric Interface System extends the impedance range of the 1260A to >100 Tohm in addition to providing greater accuracy by use of sample/reference techniques, and is often used in semiconductor applications
  • Temperature control options including Cryostats and Furnaces are available with all of the above measurement systems that provide automatic PC control of the sample temperature and allow complete material characterization