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129620A High Temperature Test System

129620A High Temperature Test System

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    • Room temperature to 1200ºC
    • For testing solid oxide, solid electrolyte, super ionic conductors
    • Dual gas design for SOFC.
    • Split tube furnace for easy sample load

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    Temperature Control Systems
    Impedance Spectroscopy measurements combine with sample holders and High Temperature Test Systems, such as furnaces, and Low Temperature Test Systems, such as cryostats, in order to characterize conductivity as a function of temperature.
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    The flexible solution for materials characterization...
    The system uses a split tube furnace design together with a lab jack that allows easy sample access and positioning. The sample is positioned in a purpose designed sample holder between platinum electrodes that allow testing at very high temperature. Gases may also be applied to either side of the sample for solid oxide applications.

    Applications include:

    • Development of solid state, solid oxide, superionic, electro-ceramic materials
    • Energy applications include SOFC fuel cell and solid state battery
    • Aerospace/automotive applications – high temperature insulators, brakes, turbine blades

      High Performance Temperature Control
      The 129620A furnace with 129621A/B/C sample holders combine to produce a high performance temperature control system with comprehensive test facilities:

    • Operating range room temperature to 1200ºC using a precise Eurotherm 2000 series temperature controller.
    • Various sample holder configurations are available depending on material requirements – 2 terminal/4 terminal/van der Pauw
    • Dual gas supply is available for SOFC type applications
    • Controlled atmospheres
    • Various sample types can be accommodated, disk, bar etc.

      Complete Materials Test Systems
      The 129620A high temperature furnace with 129621A/B/C sample holder options may be used together with various Solartron materials test systems to run I-V, Pulse, C-V, Impedance, Mott-Schottky and a wide range of other materials test techniques, fully integrated with temperature control. 

    • PC software provides fully integrated electrical measurements with temperature control.
    • High and low impedance materials can be analyzed depending on the choice of instrumentation and sample holder configuration
    • Sample vs. reference and normalization techniques are provided for improved measurement accuracy.
    • Wide frequency range from µHz to > MHz
    • Wide impedance range to > Tohms
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    129620A High Temperature Furnace Specification
    High Temperature Furnace Customized Carbolite VST12/300
    Furnace type Vertical, hinged, split tube furnace for easy access to sample holder 
    Temperature range Room temperature to 1200°C (Contact us for other temperature ranges)
    Temperature stability
    Stability: < 1°C
    Temperature resolution 0.1°C
    Heating elements
    Spiral wire coils embedded in vacuum formed ceramic fiber half cylinders
    Heating elements embedded in ceramic fiber forms part of insulation together with fiber board and blanket. Outer case stainless steel with mesh cover for maximum operator safety
    Heated length
    300 mm
    Physical setup
    Furnace is positioned 550, 650 or 750 mm (from base to middle of heated zone) using a desk top stand. ProboStat sample holder height is adjustable (80 mm) using ‘Lab-Jack’
    Control thermocouple
    Selectable between internal furnace and ProboStat thermocouple
    Main Controller
    Eurotherm 2416CG connected to PC via ModBus RS232 interface
    Overtemperature detection / shutdown
    Internal furnace mineral insulated Type N thermocouple hard-wired to over-temperature safeguard controlled by a Eurotherm 2132 temperature controller
    Operating voltage
    208-240 V or 120 V single phase
    1.5 kW
    Dimensions (h/w/d)
    1200 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm

    129621A/B/C Sample Holder Specifications

    High Temperature Sample Holder ProboStat™ base unit brass (-A/B/C) or stainless steel (-SA/SB/SC)
    Hot zone parts Spring-loaded sample support tubes, alumina Gas supply tubes, alumina / silica Electrode connects, Pt and alumina Thermocouples, S type
    Sample types
    129621A - disk only (normal)
    129621B - disk & bar (extensive)
    129621C - disk only (easy load)
    Sample disk size
    20 mm sample diameter recommended (10-24 mm diameter upon request) Max diameter 15 mm for ‘129621C’
    Max. size bar sample
    25-50 mm long
    Temperature range
    Room Temperature to 1200°C depending on range of furnace
    Temperature accuracy
    Typically 1°C, depending on thermocouple life, calibration, and user expertise
    Atmosphere control
    Swagelok quick-connects single or dual atmospheres (dual only for versions ‘A’ and ‘B’) Gas mixers and other ancillary equipment available upon request

    System Compatibility

    Carbolite 129620A furnace with 129621A/B/C ProboStat™ sample holder is fully compatible with all Solartron materials test products, including:

    • 1260A Impedance Analyzer
    • 1296A Dielectric Interface (with 12xx FRA or 1260A)
    • ModuLab XM MTS Materials Test System
    • Materials Lab XM Materials Test System
    • XM-studio software and SMaRT software
    129620A Furnace Specs
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    Watch video demonstrations of the 129620A High Temperature Test System

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