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Solar Test Systems

AMETEK Scientific Instruments manufactures a range of application specific XM (Xtreme Measurement) products focused on solar cell / photovoltaic research (developed in collaboration with Professor Laurie Peter of the University of Bath, UK). These products are so versatile that they can also be used for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting applications; and make use of Solartron’s unique high performance XM specified potentiostats and frequency response analyzers to provide a full complement of techniques for research into energy, corrosion and analytical electrochemistry.
  • ModuLab XM PhotoEchem
    ModuLab XM Photoelectrochemical Test System

    • Perovskite Solar Cells, DSSC's, Water Splitting Anode Development, IPCE (Incident Photon to Current Efficiency)
    • Range of Frequency and Time Domain Measurement techniques including IMPS, IMVS, Impedance, PhotoVoltage Decay, Charge Extraction Techniques, I-V
    • 'Auto' analysis of data enabled for calculation of effective Diffusion coefficients and Electron Lifetimes

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  • SolarLab XM Photoelectrochemical Test System

    • Includes fully integrated optical bench
    • Multiple techniques IMPS, IMVS, I-V, Charge extraction, PV decay with automated data analysis
    • Wide bandwidth impedance and capacitance measurements 
    • IPCE available as an option

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