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Single Channel Potentiostats

Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical provide you with an array of single channel system options designed to fit your accuracy and budget requirements. Our potentiostats provide the best control and measurement of potential, current and impedance...perfect for research level applications.

What is a potentiostat? Potentiostats control a voltage and measure a resulting current. The Control Amplifier outputs power to the counter electrode (also called auxiliary electrode). A feedback loop is established to control the cell potential between the reference and working electrode. This voltage is measured by the input electrometer, that has a high impedance. This current is then measured between the working and counter electrodes while this potential is maintained at the working electrode and reference electrode.

How are potentiostats used? Researchers use our potentiostats to meet the most demanding scientific challenges. This includes testing new chemistries for Li-ion batteries, improving resistance to corrosion, determining concentrations of target analytes.

What is a galvanostat? A galvanostat controls the current flow between the working and counter electrodes while measuring the cell potential between the working and reference electrode. This mode is most commonly used in characterization of energy devices and electroplating. All of our potentiostats can operate also as a galvanostat.

  • ModuLab XM ECS
    ModuLab XM ECS

    A highly flexible platform with options for advanced measurements in electrochemistry, materials, and photoelectrochemistry.

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  • Apps-XM Series
    Apps-XM Series

    Application focused offerings configured specifically for energy, electrochemistry or solar research with the same XM accuracy. 

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  • PARSTAT Series
    PARSTAT Series

    Single box solutions with the widest range of on-board measurement capability, eliminating the need for additional options while addressing multiple fields of research.

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  • 1287 Potentiostat
    12XX Series

    Most cited potentiostat/galvanostats and impedance analyzers for electrochemical and materials research.

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  • VersaSTAT Series
    VersaSTAT Series

    Option based platform designed to provide a customized solution for the best value.

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