Materials Analysis Accessories

Materials analysis systems require many components in addition to the materials /impedance analyzer to provide a complete solution.  Temperature control is often an important aspect of these systems to provide complete characterization of material properties.
  • Cryostat

    • Cryogen not in contact with sample - prevents sample damage

    • Low cryogen usage (low running cost) - capillary tube around sample space

    • 5 K to 600 K (compatible with liquid helium and liquid nitrogen)

    • Custom sample holder for compatible with solid, powder or liquid samples

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  • Sample Holders

    • Attachments for solid, powder and liquids

    • Large range of sample sizes can be accommodated using interchangeable electrodes

    • Guard ring to exclude errors due to fringing at edge of samples

    • Integrated micrometer for permittivity calculations

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  • Furnace

    • Room temperature to 1200 oC
    • For testing solid oxide, solid electrolyte, super ionic conductors
    • Dual gas design for SOFC
    • Split tube furnace for easy sample load

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