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Materials Analysis Accessories

Materials analysis systems require many components in addition to the materials /impedance analyzer to provide a complete solution.  Temperature control is often an important aspect of these systems to provide complete characterization of material properties.
  • 1296A Dielectric Interface System

    Extends impedance testing range of 1260A and other 12xx series FRAs up to 100 TOhms (1014 Ω) to benefit dielectrics and insulators. 

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  • 12962A Room Temperature Sample Holder for Materials Analysis
    12962A Room Temperature Sample Holders

    Sample holder with 2 BNC connections and micrometer.  Attachments for solid, power and liquid samples.

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  • 129610A Cryostat System

    129610A Cryostat System sets and controls temperature from 5K to 600K 

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  • 129620A High Temperature Test System

    High Temperature test system for up to 1200 degrees C for testing ceramics for solid oxide fuel cells 

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