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1287A Potentiostat Galvanostat

1287A - Potentiostat Galvanostat

1287A is a flagship potentiostat and the electrochemical interface for FRAs such as 1260A and 1255B.

Electrochemical Accessories Our accessories

   CorrWare and CorrView for DC experiments

   ZPlot for AC, EIS experiments with a Solartron 12xx FRA

  • Highlights +

    • Range of DC tests and AC tests, like EIS, with FRAs and ZPLOT software
    • Two high resolution digital voltmeters across multiple ranges
    • Patented pulse width conversion technique for high accuracy, stability and linearity
    • Electrochemical Interface for stand-alone FRAs such as 1260A, 1255B.
    • BNC connections ensure that different cable options are available locally.
    • Popular options of CorrWare acquisition software and USB-to-GPIB converter to support interface to modern computers.

  • 12xx Family - 1287A and 1280Z +

    12xx Family
    The current members of the 12xx Family of potentiostats include the Solartron Analytical 1287A and 1280Z.

    The 1287A is a potentiostat for DC experiments, such as Cyclic Voltammetry or Galvanostatic techniques.  This commonly controlled by CorrWare software.
    The 1287A is also the 'electrochemical interface' for the line of Frequency Response Analyzers, such as the Solartron Analytical 1260A.  These two instruments work together with ZPLOT software to provide Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy experiments up to 1 MHz.

    The 1280Z combines the functionality of DC and AC experiments up to 20 kHz into a single box 

    Both of these products are GPIB control.  For systems, such as laptops, that do not have a GPIB card installed, we do have GPIB-to-USB converter available. 
  • Applications and Software +

    Applications and Software

    The Solartron Analytical 1287A potentiostat and galvanostat is a high accuracy, wide bandwidth instrument which offers a range of DC test capabilities.  The 1287A can be coupled with a frequency response analyzer, such as the Solartron Analytical 1260A or 1255B, and ZPLOT software for AC tests such as Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.

    Popular options for the 1287A are CorrWare data DC acquisition software and a USB-to-GPIB converter to help support interface to modern computers. BNC connections ensure that different cable options are available locally.

    Measurement Integrity
    Central to the measurement capability of 1287A are two high resolution digital voltmeters across multiple ranges which provide simultaneous voltage and current measurements.  Using Solartron Analytical’s patented pulse width conversion technique, we have high accuracy, stability and linearity throughout the entire range of the instrument.

    The 1287A has excellent measurement resolution and accuracy down to 1μV for the reference electrodes and 1pA for the working electrode, which makes it an ideal choice for measurements where signal levels are extremely low.

    The 1287A uses floating measurements on all connections: it is equally at home measuring corrosion rates on grounded oil pipelines as it is in the laboratory. For safety reasons, it is often necessary to ground laboratory equipment such as fuel cells and autoclaves, a major problem if your instrumentation is not capable of floating measurements.

    The 1287A offers complete flexibility for cell connection: 2-, 3- or 4-terminal measurements can be made with equal ease.

    • 2-terminal techniques for general materials/electrochemical testing
    • 3-terminal techniques for physical electrochemistry and corrosion/coating applications
    • 4-terminal techniques for accurate characterization of batteries/fuel cells, enabling lead resistance and impedance
  • Brochure and Manual +

  • Differentiated Specifications +

     Specifications  1287A 1280Z
    Polarization, Compliance Voltage ± 14.5 V, ± 20 V ± 14.5 V, ± 20 V
    Max Current Output ± 2 A up to ± 100 A  ± 2 A up to ± 100 A
    EIS Functions and Compatibility 1 MHz with 1260A
    1 MHz with 1255B
    20 kHz with 1253A
    65 kHz with 1250E
    Included, to 20 kHz
    Control Software  CorrWare (DC)
    ZPlot (AC, EIS)
    CorrWare (DC), included
    ZPlot (AC, EIS), included
  • External Booster Options +

     Power Booster PART NUMBER Voltage, Current, Power
    BOOST6V100A Power Booster 6V, 100A 
    BOOST8V50A Power Booster 8V, 50A
    BOOST10V60A Power Booster 10V, 60A
    BOOST12V20A Power Booster  12V, 20A
    BOOST24V10A Power Booster 24V, 10A
    BOOST50V5A Power Booster 50V, 5A 
    BOOST50V25A Power Booster 50V, 25A , 125 W
    BOOST100V3A Power Booster 100V, 3A 
  • Accessories +

    • Corrosion Cell
      K0047 Corrosion Cell Kit

      K0047 is the Corrosion Cell Kit from which many ASTM testing standards have been developed.

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    • Flat Cell - Versastat Series
      K0235 Flat Cell Kit

      The Flat Cell Kit is our most popular electrochemical cell kit due to the ease of exchange of flat samples and multiple applications it addresses.

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  • Video +

    Watch video demonstrations of the 1287A Potentiostat Galvanostat

  • Optional Software +

    • ZView Software
      ZView Software

      Companion EIS data analysis software for ZPlot and other related packages, offering best-in-class equivalent circuit modeling

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