Rotator Accessories

From evaluation of novel electrocatalysts to oil pipeline corrosion and more, Princeton Applied Research supplies the accessories needed to accompany our rotators. These provide flexibility for use in rotating disk electrode (RDE), ring-disk electrode (RRDE) and cylinder electrode (RCE) studies. In addition to the list of accessories below, an array of custom materials are available by request. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please Contact Us.
Model 616 Accessories

Disk-Electrode-Platinum Permanent Disk Electrodes

Disk electrodes are 5.0 mm in diameter, permanently sealed in Teflon with a 12.0 mm O.D. shroud.

Model Description
RDE0004 Platinum
RDE0005 Gold
RDE0008 Glassy Carbon

Disk-Electrode-Assembly RDE0001 Customer-Made Disk Electrodes

The RDE tip is Teflon with a 17.0 mm O.D. and holds disk electrodes that are 11.3 mm in diameter with a 1 cm2 surface area.  This comes with a 430 SS sample.

Disk-Installation-Tools RDE0002 Customer-Made Disk Installation Tools

Allows for easy installation of the customer-made disk electrode.

RDE0011 Customer-Made Cylinder Electrode

Cylinder electrodes are 12.0 mm in diameter and 12.4 mm in height with a 3 cm2 surface area. The material adjacent to the electrode surface is Teflon. The electrode body is PCTFE with a 12.0 mm O.D. shroud. This includes installation tools and a 430 SS sample.

Model 636 Accessories
Disk Electrodes

The model 636 can be used as a simple rotating disk electrode with the following accessories (previously shown):

Model Description
RDE0004 Platinum
RDE0005 Gold
RDE0008 Glassy Carbon
RDE0001 Disk Electrode Assembly with 430 SS Sample
RDE0002 Disk Installation Tools
RDE0011 Cylinder Electrode Assembly and Tool with 430 SS Sample

In addition, the RDE0027 Disk Arbor must be ordered to work with the above disk and cylinder accessories.

Disk-Arbor RDE0027 Disk Arbor

  • 1/4-28 Thread

Ring-Disk-Electrode Ring-Disk Electrodes

Model Description
RDE0071 Platinum Disk - Platinum Ring
RDE0072 Glassy Carbon Disk - Gold Ring
RDE0073 Glassy Carbon Disk - Platinum Ring

The electrode dimensions are:

Specification RDE0071 RDE0072 and RDE0073
Ring-Disk Gap 118 µm 318 µm
Disk Outer Diameter 4.57 mm 5.61 mm
Ring Inner Diameter 4.93 mm 6.25 mm
Ring Outer Diameter 5.38 mm 7.92 mm
Shroud Outer Diameter 15 mm 15 mm
Collection Efficiency 22% 37%
Disk Area 0.1642 cm2 0.2475 cm2
Ring Area 0.0370 cm2 0.1866 cm2

In addition, the RDE0070 Ring-Disk Arbor must be ordered to work with the above ring-disk electrodes.

RDE0070 Ring-Disk Arbor

  • PEEK polymer material
  • 3/8-24 thread configuration