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9326-P Fast Preamplifier

The Model 9326-P Fast Preamplifier is optimized for amplifying the pulses from microchannel-plate detectors, electron multipliers, photomultiplier tubes, fast photodiodes, and silicon charged-particle detectors. The fast rise times of these detectors are preserved by the <1-ns rise time of the Model 9326-P output, which can supply 0 to -1-V pulse amplitudes into a 50-Ω load. The compact size permits placement close to the detector in order to avoid ground loop and environmental noise interference with the small signals produced by the detector. Gains of 5, 10, or 20 volts/volt (non-inverting) can be selected via a board jumper. 

A low-frequency roll-off less than 10kHz is unusual for a preamplifier intended for 
processing fast detector pulses. This low-frequency response was incorporated in order to virtually eliminate pulse undershoot when used with the FASTFLIGHT™ Digital Signal Averager in the Electrospray Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry application. 

To minimize damage caused by large transients from the detector, the input incorporates overload protection. The output is also short-circuit protected. Any 9-pin D preamplifier power connector meeting the standard pin assignments can be used to supply the + 12-V power via the standard power cable supplied with the Model 9326-P. 
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    INPUT NOISE <100 µV rms. 
    GAIN Selectable by board jumpers for 5, 10, or 20 V/V.  the overall gain is non-inverting.
    COARSE GAIN Board jumper selection of low (5 V/V), medium (10 V/V), or high (20 V/V)
    ANALOG INPUT Front-panel BNC connector accepts negative-polarity analog signals in the range of 0 to -200 mV.  Input Impedance: 50 Ω ac, <1000 Ω dc to ground.  Diode clamps provide protection against overload to ±2 V dc, or ±10 V for a 50-ns-wide pulse at a duty cycle of <1%.
    ANALOG OUTPUTS Rear-panel BNC connector provides a negative-polarity output pulse.  Linear range is nominally +0.25 V to -1 V on a 50-Ω load.  AC-coupled and short-circuit protected.
    POWER REQUIREMENTS The required _12 V at 100 mA dc power can be supplied from any preamplifier power connector connector via the 3-m (9.8-ft) long power cord included with the Model 9326-P.  The mating connectors on the ends of the power cord are standard, 9-pin D, preamplifier power connections.  Pin assignments for the male connector on the preamplifier case are +12 V on pin 4, and ground on pins 1 and 2.
    WEIGHT Net 0.39 kg (0.85 lb).
    Shipping 1.3 kg (2.9 lb).
    PACKAGE AND DIMENSIONS Compact preamplifier box: 8.6 cm W x 13.3 cm D x 3.0 cm H (3.4 in . W x 5.3 in. D x 1.2 in. H).

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    Model Description 
    9326-P Fast Preamplifier (includes power cable)