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VT120-P Fast-Timing Preamplifier

The Model VT120-P Fast-Timing Preamplifier is a high-performance, widebandwidth preamplifier designed for boosting very fast linear signals from microchannel plates, photomultipliers, electron multipliers, silicon detectors, and other detectors used in fast timing applications. The rise time on all versions is <1 ns with a 5-V output, enabling excellent timing resolution. The Model VT120-P is a single-channel unit in a small preamplifier package. It is available with a gain of 200, noninverting (A version); a gain of 200, inverting (B version); or a gain of 20, noninverting (C version). BNC connectors are used for signal connections on the Model VT120-P. A cable is available (Model C-VT120-P for connecting power between the Model VT120-P and conventional preamplifier power outputs using Amphenol-type 17-80090 connectors. 
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    GAIN (10% gain tolerance on all versions):
    A Version 200, noninverting.
    B Version 200, inverting.
    C Version 20, noninverting.
    RISE TIME ≤1 ns.
    NOISE ≤20 µV rms equivalent input noise.
    BANDWIDTH 10 to 350 MHz.
    OUTPUT RANGE 0 to -5 V with 50-Ω load.
    INPUT BNC connector; input impedance 50Ω.
    OUTPUT BNC connector; 0 to -5 V output with a 50-Ω load.  Output impedance ≤1 Ω, ac-coupled.
    POWER REQUIRED +12 V, 50 mA (uses LEMO power connector that is compatible with accessory cable C-VT120-P).
    DIMENSIONS Alumimum housing 5.8 X 5.1 X 1.6 cm (2.3 X 2.0 X 0.63 in).
    WEIGHT Net 0.2 kg (0.4 lb).
    Shipping 1.1 kg (2.4 lb).
    OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES C-VT120-P cable assembly with connectors between VT120-P power input (LEMO) and Amphenol-type 17-80090 preamplifier power connectors that are compatible with other NIM-standard modules.

    To order, specify:
    Model Description
    VT120A-P Fast-Timing Preamplifier (200 gain, noninverting)
    VT120B-P Fast-Timing Preamplifier (20 gain, noninverting)
    VT120C-P Fast-Timing Preamplifier (20 gain, noninverting)
    C-VT120-P Power Cable Assembly for VT120A/B/C (3-m length)