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Semiconductors and OFET

Techniques:  I-V, fast pulse, fill factor, C-V, capacitance, impedance, Mott-Schottky 
Applications:    Device degradation, mobility, charge carrier concentration, depletion layer, trap state, dopant density, trap state, on/off current ratio, threshold voltage, device lifetime and material purity / defects
Types: OFET, GaAs, Ge, Si, Perovskite, quantum dot, high-k, low-k, thin film

Semiconductors are devices that change resistivity depending on an applied electric field, with applications in PCs, rectifiers, solar cells, amplifiers, etc. The properties of semiconductor materials change dramatically depending on the concentration of impurities (dopants). The introduction of a small concentration of dopants greatly increases the number of charge carriers available for electrical conduction. Electrical tests are widely used to check carrier concentrations, charge carrier mobility, on/off current ratio and threshold voltage.

Organic semiconductor materials are currently of great interest (e.g. OFET Organic Field Effect Transistor), due to their potential for large scale / low cost manufacture using print technology. OFETs can be deposited on lightweight, transparent, flexible plastic substrates, giving the possibility for a whole new generation of low cost consumer products.

Solartron Analytical provides the following test systems for the characterization of semiconductor materials:
  • The ModuLab XM MTS Test System provides complete time domain and AC device characterization using a wide range of “Plug and Play
  • The Model 1260A Impedance Gain Phase Analyzer is widely referenced in publications and is able to test capacitance / C-V / impedance / Mott-Schottky from 10 µHz to 32 MHz (over 12 decades of frequency), enabling full characterization of dielectric materials.
  • The Model 1296A Dielectric Interface System extends the impedance range of the 1260A to over 100 TOhm for testing ceramic insulators and dielectrics in addition to providing greater magnitude and phase accuracy by use of sample/reference techniques, reducing errors due to cables.
  • Temperature control options including Cryostats and Furnaces are available with all of the above measurement systems that provide automatic PC control of the sample temperature and allow complete material characterization

Refer to our application note for more information –
Characterization of Semiconductors