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ZPlot Lab Software

ZPlot Lab Software is an optional package to control ModuLab in an environment similar to ZPlot. 

   Download ZPlot Lab Software

  • Highlights +

    • Wide range of potentiostatic and galvanostatic electrochemical techniques, including cyclic voltammetry, galvanic pulse, impedance, AC voltammetry and Mott-Schottky
    • Full support of ModuLab ECS and ModuLab XM ECS
    • Full support of Power Boosters up to 100 V and 100 A for DC and EIS
    • ZView and CorrView are also included for data analysis and presentation
  • Specifications +

    PC Operating System
    Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    Software key
    Uses PC USB Interface
    PC communications Ethernet
    Compatible Instruments ModuLab XM ECS and ModuLab ECS platforms
    Compatible Power Booster  Boosters up to 100 V 100 A 

  • Compatible Hardware +

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