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PARSTAT MC Multichannel Potentiostat

The PARSTAT® MC (PMC) is the most modular and robust multi-channel electrochemical testing platform on the market.
The PMC chassis provides a robust environment up to 10 modules, up to 20 channels. 

Channels can operate simultaneously for high-throughput routine testing, asynchronously for different experiments on distinct cells or in a complex matrix of multiple electrodes in a single test environment. Additional channels can be added on-site by the user, even while other channels are in operation. Every functional block within the chassis is designed to be user-replaceable minimizing the impact of any interruptions in your experiment.

Key features of the PARSTAT MC include:
  • The Ultimate modular design
  • The ability to mix-and-match channels to provide a customized solution 
    • The PMC-200 doubles the capacity of each module with 2 potentiostats per card.
    • The PMC-1000 offers the widest dynamic current range of 2 A to 4 nA (120 fA resolution) as standard
    • The PMC-2000A provides high voltage capacity (30V range) and auxiliary electrometer (6-WIRE) for Anode/Cathode measurements
  • Features the most popular electrochemical acquisition and analysis software solution, VersaStudio

The PARSTAT MC Family:

  • Maximize throughput with 2-channels per module, each with EIS and core DC Testing functionality
  • 1-Amp of current standard allows analysis of larger batteries at higher rates
  • 24-BITS ADC components delivering the highest quality voltage and current resolution of measured response
  • Widest dynamic current range - 2 Amps to 4 nA (120 fA resolution) as standard
  • Floating ground allows testing of multiple samples in the same cell
  • The most popular channel to meet the needs of today's researcher
  • 30 V Polarization Voltage range ideal for energy-storage stacks, anodization experiments, generating electrophoretic fields, etc.
  • 6-WIRE function measures an additional voltage benefiting Anode/Cathode impedance analysis, Compliance Voltage determination, and external probe or device integration 
  • 7 MHz frequency for EIS investigations of kinetics, mechanisms and solid-state energy materials
  • 5 A and 10 A boosters in-chassis boosters available and compatible with the PMC-2000A and PMC-1000
  • Up to 20 A when operated in parallel 
  • Test higher power and lower impedance batteries
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  • Specifications +

    PMC-200 PMC-1000 PMC-2000A PARSTAT MC Family
    Channels per Module
     2 1 1 Up to 20 channels
    per Chassis
    Compliance Voltage
     +/- 10V
    +/- 12V
    +/- 30V
    Up to +/- 30V
    Polarization Voltage
     +/- 10V
    +/- 10V
    +/- 30V
    Up to +/- 30V
    Max Current
     +/- 1A
    (1000 mA)
    +/- 2 A
    (2000 mA)
    +/- 1 Amp
    (1000 mA)
    Up to +/- 2 A
    Min Current Range
     2 µA
      4 nA
    4 nA
    As low as 4 nA
    (122 fA resolution)
    Resolution  24-bits 16-bits 18-bits Up to 24-bits
    Data Acquisition Rate
     4  µs
    (250 kS/s)
    (500 kS/s)
    1 µs
    (1000 kS/s)
    As fast as 1 µs
    (1000 kS/s)
    EIS Frequency
     100 kHz
    1 MHz
    7 MHz
    As high as 7 MHz
    Booster Options
     No Yes Yes
    iR Compensation
     No Yes
    Yes Yes
    Digital I/Os
     No Yes Yes Yes
    6-WIRE  No No Yes Yes
    Actions EIS Actions and
    Core DC Actions
    Unlimited Actions
    Unlimited Actions
  • Optional Software +

    • ZSimpWin - Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Data Analysis Software

      • High performing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) data analysis software that easily interfaces with the VersaStudio software platform.
      • Minimal user input without the need for the starting values and simple, single-click fitting procedures.
      • Various options from pre-loaded circuit models to user created and saved models.  Output results using a range of plot formats and easily view estimated parameters and historical records of computation process.

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    • ZView Software
      ZView Software

      • ZView is the companion EIS data analysis software for ZPlot
      • Multiple display formats (impedance, admittance, capacitance, permittivity and electrical modulus)
      • Comprehensive data analysis capabilities include an extensive library of equivalent circuit data fit models – R, C, L, Warburg, Distributed Elements

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