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Electrochemical Cell Kits

Electrochemical analyses of all types require many components in addition to the potentiostat and galvanostat to provide a complete solution.  Corrosion and voltammetry cells, electrodes and battery holders turn your potentiostat into an electrochemical test system.
  • Flat Cell - Versastat Series
    K0235 Flat Cell Kit

    The Flat Cell Kit is our most popular electrochemical cell kit due to the ease of exchange of flat samples and multiple applications it addresses.

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  • Corrosion Cell
    K0047 Corrosion Cell Kit

    K0047 is the Corrosion Cell Kit from which many ASTM testing standards have been developed.

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  • Princeton Applied Research K0264 MicroCell Kit
    K0264 Micro-Cell Kit

    The Micro Cell Kits is designed for small volume experiments, most commonly physical electrochemistry.

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  • RDE0018 Analytical Cell Kit

    The Analytical Cell Kit designed to accept rotating shafts to support RDE and RRDE experiments.

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  • K0307 Tait Cell Kit

    The Tait Cell Kit is a robust kit that uses Hastelloy electrodes, common in industrial applications.

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