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Electrochemical Cell Kits

Electrochemical analyses of all types require many components in addition to the potentiostat and galvanostat to provide a complete solution.  Corrosion and voltammetry cells, electrodes and battery holders turn your potentiostat into an electrochemical test system.
  • Flat Cell - Versastat Series
    K0235 Flat Cell Kit

    • Optimal construction for corrosion/coatings studies of flat specimens having a range of sizes and geometry

    • Specially designed gasket to minimize crevice corrosion

    • Platinum mesh counter electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode included

    • Exposed sample area is 1 cm2 with an option for a larger exposed area of 12.6 cm2

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  • Corrosion Cell
    K0047 Corrosion Cell Kit

    • Ideal for corrosion analysis of cylindrical metal specimens with an optional sample holder to accommodate flat specimens

    • Cell configuration is modeled after a design commonly found in many ASTM standards

    • Supplied with graphite counter electrodes and saturated calomel reference electrode (SCE) 

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  • K0264 Micro-Cell Kit

    • Intended to be used for any application where solution volume is limited, requiring volumes ranging from 3 to 15 mL

    • Purge tube assembly provided for bubbling or blanketing the solution with inert gas

    • Platinum wire counter electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode included

    • Compatible with a range of working electrode materials available in two sizes: 2 mm or 10 µm diameter

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  • RDE0018 Analytical Cell Kit

    • Designed with two cell top configurations, one for general use and the other for accommodating a rotating electrode (RDE, RRDE, RCE) connected to the 616 or 636 A/B rotator

    • Supplied with a platinum wire counter electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode

    • Standard 14/20 tapper joints can accommodate a variety of working electrodes and reference electrode chemistries

    • Operates with solution volumes from 5 – 50 mL

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  • K0307 Tait Cell Kit

    • Designed specifically for corrosion studies on flat specimens under conditions where typical reference electrodes are incompatible

    • Hastelloy C-276 reference and counter electrodes included

    • Exposed sample area of 32 cm2

    • Holds volumes as low as 80 mL

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