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PAR MultiChannel Power Booster

PMC Boosters install into a PMC Chassis and extend current of PMC-1000 and PMC-2000A.

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  • Highlights +

    • 10 A in-chassis booster available and compatible with the PMC-1000 and PMC-2000A
    • Higher currents of up to 30A when used in parallel for battery, fuel cell, or electroplating applications
    • Each PMC CHS08A chassis supports up to 5 boosters
    • Test higher power and lower impedance batteries
    • Study larger electrodes with higher surface area

  • PMC Booster Family +

    PMC Booster Family

    Current extending boosters add to the already impressive high current capabilities of the PARSTAT MC potentiostat cards by extending the current range to 10 Amps.  Up to 30 Amps of current for a single potentiostat card can be achieved by combining 3 boosters in parallel.  All cables needed for parallel operation are included with each booster.

    Designed specifically for the PARSTAT MC system, these boosters are capable of both DC and EIS (AC) experiments and can be installed directly into the PARSTAT MC chassis alongside the PMC-1000 or PMC-2000A cards that you have chosen instead of requiring a booster-only chassis. Not only does this save you money on your project but it also helps you reduce the overall space your new system will occupy in your laboratory. These boosters can also be added after your purchase and are field-upgradeable thanks to the design of the PARSTAT MC chassis.

  • Applications and Software +

    Applications and Software

    The PMC Boosters are controlled through VersaStudio software for coordinated experiments with the accompanying PMC-1000 and PMC-2000A potentiostats.

    Key applications that benefit from higher current are:

    • Increased Charge-Discharge rates for energy-storage and energy-conversion devices such as Li-ion batteries and capacitors.
    • Increased AC signal level to improve EIS results on low-impedance, large form-factor cells.
    • Kinetics or Electroplating studies on increased sample sizes or at increased sample rates.
  • Brochure and Manual +

  • Differentiated Specifications +

     Specifications BOOSTER P10A/6V 
    Max Current Range  ± 10 A
    Compliance Voltage
     -1 to +6 V
    Data Acquisition Rate Defined by potentiostat:
    PMC-1000 is 500 k/sec (2 µsec)
    PMC-2000A is 1000 k/sec (1 µsec)
    Connectivity, Operation  Field Upgradable
    Installs into 1-slot of PMC CHS08A chassis
    Parallel operation up to 30A per potentiostat card
  • Options +

    PMC-2000 to PMC Booster Analog Signal Cable Model Number
    Y-cable to interface current flow from PMC-2000
    to the booster and voltage to the cell.
    Highly Recommended
    PMC-1000 to PMC Booster Analog Signal Cable             
    Y-cable to interface current flow from PMC-1000
    to the booster and voltage to the cell 
    Highly Recommended
  • Video +

    Watch video demonstrations of the PAR MultiChannel Power Booster

  • Optional Software +

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