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Princeton Applied Research

Global Leader
For fifty years, Princeton Applied Research has been recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for scientific research, particularly in the field of electrochemistry. Our instruments are performance driven, designed to address the needs of today's varied electrochemical applications:
  • Corrosion
  • Energy Storage
  • Nanotechnology
  • Sensors
  • Research Electrochemistry
  • Surface Imaging and Scanning
Leading The Way
Leading the way in electrochemical research instrumentation, Princeton Applied Research has been at the forefront of providing laboratories with the best possible instrument solutions. Focusing on innovation, performance, and price, we work hard to provide the widest variety of products to fit every need.

All our experience and knowledge goes into developing a wide range of instruments for the numerous markets and applications we support. Having an extensive product collection allows us a solution to match both your budget and application requirements. With one of the most experienced sales and technical support teams in the industry, let us assist you in selecting the right system for your research needs today and in the future.

Company BackgroundPrinceton's first Lock-In Amplifier
In 1961, Princeton Applied Research was founded by a group of scientists from Princeton University and the Plasma Physics Laboratory. With a desire to establish significant improvements to research instrumentation the team developed the first commercial lock-in amplifier in 1962. After pioneering a number of signal processing systems, in 1968 the company released its first potentiostat, the M170, becoming the foundation of the electrochemical line.

In 1977, the privately held Princeton Applied Research was acquired by EG&G, a multi faceted, high technology company with a strong presence in the scientific instrument business. This same year a relationship with China began and by 1979 EG&G Princeton Applied Research was one of the first companies in the nation to have offices in Beijing, China. Further expanding its global presence, a manufacturing facility was opened in Dublin, Ireland in 1983.

In 1988 manufacturing for Princeton Applied Research was moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee where it remains today.

In 2000, EG&G acquired Perkin Elmer and changed its name to PerkinElmer. The company also established Global Service Centers in the US and United Kingdom.

In 2002, Ametek Inc. acquired Princeton Applied Research from PerkinElmer and the company began marketing their products under the brand name Princeton Applied Research.

For fifty years Princeton Applied Research has grown into one of the most trusted brands in the electrochemical field. Offering such instruments as the PARSTAT 2273, the benchmark of all potentiostats, and the VersaSTAT Series, a combination of performance and value, Princeton Applied Research remains the market leader in electrochemical research instrumentation.