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  • 636A RRDE Rotating Ring Disk Electrode
    636A Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode (RRDE)

    The 636A is our most versatile model for rotating electrode experiments, including Rotating Ring Disk Electrode (RRDE), Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE) and Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE).

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  • Ancillary Instrumentation 616A
    616A Rotating Disk Electrode

    The 616A supports RDE and RCE experiments; with control options from both the front panel and an voltage input.

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  • RRDE Electrodes
    Rotator Accessories

    Rotating Ring Disk Electrodes (RRDE), Rotating Disk Electrodes (RDE) and Rotating Cylinder Electrodes (RCE) designed for use with the Princeton Applied Research 636A and the 616A, 616B rotator.  This includes a variety of electrode material, shroud material and configurations.

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