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1260A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer

1260A Impedance Analyzer is the Cornerstone of FRA technology. 

Electrochemical Accessories 
Our materials accessories

     SMaRT software

  • Highlights +

    • Most referenced, most cited, most popular Impedance Analyzer available
    • Wide frequency range from 32 MHz to 10 µHz (more that 12 decades) for solid state materials
    • Impedance range from 100 mOhm to 100 TOhm, with the 1296A Dielectric Interface
    • Able to perform DC potentiotstatic and galvanostatic experiments with 1287A Electrochemical Interface
    • Controlled by SMaRT software and optionally with ZPLOT 
    • 1260A Impedance Analyzer accuracy contour plot highlights Solartron's best in class measurement performance.

  • Materials Lab XM +

    Materials Lab XM
    Systems for testing combined electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of dielectrics, insulators and electronic materials.  These systems include specialized accessories:  High Voltage Amplifiers, Cryostats, Furnaces, and Sample Holders for liquids, powders, and solid materials.

    Expandable and configurable platform to to combine this function with Electrochemistry and PhotoElectrochemistry and related applications.
  • Applications and Software +

    Applications and Software

    The Materials Lab XM can perform time domain (DC) and frequency domain (AC) tests.  Accessories control temperature from cryostat to furnace levels and integrate through software control with the core measurement electronics to create a system to study a wide range of materials.  ModuLab XM platform systems can be expanded for electrochemical or photoelectrochemical experiments.

    Materials Lab XM’s impedance accuracy contour plot highlights Solartron’s best in class measurement performance.

    The Materials Lab XM is a modular system that can be configured for the following applications:

    Ferro/piezoelectrics | MEMs | NEMs| multiferroics |
    Polymers | Solid oxides SOFC | ionic conductors |
    Solid electrolytes, quantum dots
    Electronic Materials
    LED | LCD | OLED | MEMs | OPV | Si | DSSC | OFET |
    Ge | GaAs | Perovskite materials 
  • Brochure and Manual +

  • Differentiated Specifications +

     Specifications ModuLab XM MTS Materials Lab XM 1260A / 1296A
    Maximum Frequency
    1 MHz
    1 MHz
    32 MHz
    Combines with DC for
    Electrochemical Measurements
    Yes, with XM PSTAT 1 MS/s
    No Yes, with 1287A
    Electrochemical Interface
    Highest Impedance
    100 TOhms
    1 TOhms
    100 TOhms
    Low Impedance
     10 µOhms
     1 mOhms
     100 mOhms
    XM Studio
    XM Studio  SMaRT, ZPLOT
  • External Power Booster Options +

    External Power Booster Options

     Power Booster PART NUMBER Voltage, Current, Power
    BOOST6V100A Power Booster 6V, 100A 
    BOOST8V50A Power Booster 8V, 50A
    BOOST10V60A Power Booster 10V, 60A
    BOOST12V20A Power Booster  12V, 20A
    BOOST24V10A Power Booster 24V, 10A
    BOOST50V5A Power Booster 50V, 5A 
    BOOST50V25A Power Booster 50V, 25A , 125 W
    BOOST100V3A Power Booster 100V, 3A 
  • Accessories +

  • Video +

    Watch video demonstrations of the 1260A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer

  • Optional Software +

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