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AMETEK Scientific Instruments AT A GLANCE

AMETEK Scientific Instruments is the global leader in the design, manufacture, and support of instrumentation for both the electrochemical and materials communities.  Comprised of Princeton Applied Research, Solartron Analytical, and Signal Recovery, AMETEK Scientific Instruments delivers solutions to meet performance and price requirements.

Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical continue to innovate in both DC and AC measurements to the benefit of users studying energy devices, physical electrochemistry, corrosion, and solid-state materials.  Fueled by 110 years of instrumentation development, our product portfolio proudly generates the most-cited research in the world. 

Signal Recovery, the inventors of lock-in amplifier technology, has expanded to include the design and manufacture of adjacent products such as signal averagers, amplifiers, light choppers, signal multiplexers, and specialized counters.  The ability to extract small signals in the presence of overwhelming background noise, benefits end-users directly and our different OEM partners. 

Software Downloads

    Click Here to download the latest version of VersaStudio software
   Click Here to download the latest version of XM-studio software