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How-to Guides

Whether looking for guidance on changing your reference electrode’s frit or running a dummy cell test to evaluate your potentiostat’s performance, there are a variety of useful How To Guides provided below.  Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Please Contact Technical Support team.

VersaStudio and Associated Potentiostats
Getting Started With VersaStudio

VersaStudio Diagnostics
Performing an Internal Dummy Cell Checkout Test
Performing an External Dummy Cell Checkout Test
Connecting a Potentiostat to an External Resistor

Checking Your Potentiostat's Cable for Continuity

Consistent Firmware and Software Versions of VersaStudio
Updating VersaStudio Software and Firmware and Verifying Version Consistency

VersaStudio Specific Application and Techniques
Differences in Cyclic Voltammetry and Staircase Cyclic Voltammetry in VersaStudio
Measuring the Compliance Voltage Used During an Electrochemical Experiment
Performing Stripping Voltammetry With a VersaSTAT and VersaStudio Software

SKP-SVET Select Time Constant and Scan Parameters

Accessories and Ancillary
Maintenance of the K077 Saturated Calomel Reference Electode
Filling Procedure for the K0265 Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode
Vycor Frit Handling and Replacement in Reference Electrode Bridge Tubes
Changing a Reference Electrode or Bridge Tube Tip

Proper Use of Solvents With Micro and Milli Working Electrodes

Connecting a Working Electrode Lead to the 616 Rotator
Troubleshooting the QCM922 and its Resonator

Installing the G0159 Reference Electrode Jacket in the 303A

PowerSuite and GPIB Communication

Getting Started With PowerSuite
Troubleshooting GPIB Communication With Your Potentiostat or LIA

Building an AutoExecute Routine with PowerSuite
Finding "Lost" Data in PowerSuite
Running a Coulometry Experiment Using the Chronoamperometry Technique Within PowerSuite
Calibrating a 2263 with Floating Option