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Guide to Practical Solutions for Common Technical Questions

The Princeton Applied Research Global Support Team has decades of experience providing our users practical solutions to common issues in electrochemical measurements.  The Guide to Practical Solutions for Common Technical Questions is an interactive tool compiled from the combined experience and knowledge of our team with the intent of placing the necessary resources for trouble-shooting the electrochemical system directly into the hands of the user.  

This guide includes hyperlinks to various documents that describe hardware checkout procedures, software-selectable experimental parameters, cell cable continuity, and best practices of cell designs and geometries.

Please note that this guide applies to all VersaStudio compatible Princeton Applied Research potentiostats, such as the PARSTAT 4000, PARSTAT MC Family and VersaSTAT Family.  

A similar guide will soon be available for our line of PowerSuite compatible potentiostats.  Please check back at our Support Center for future updates.

Please Click Here To View The Guide To Practical Solutions For Common Technical Questions