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Acquire Data Acquisition Software

Note that this software is only suitable for use with computers running Windows 10 down to Windows XP operating systems.

Click the link below. You will be prompted as to whether you want to save the file or open it. Choose save and use the Save As... dialog box to navigate to a folder on your PC where you wish to save the file. We suggest you create a new, empty folder, such as c:\temp as a suitable destination.

The file SRAcquire4_3_ will then download. Once the download has finished, use explorer to navigate to it and open it. It is a WinZip archive file and the necessary unzipping utility is installed on most PC's; the utility is included within Windows 10 and earlier. Extract the files from the archive and save to the same folder. Finally, locate and run the extracted Setup.exe program to install the software.

Acquire 4.3 does not overwrite Version 3.x installations, but if you are upgrading a previous version then we strongly recommend that you use the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs utility to uninstall the older version before installing the upgrade. Note that this will not cause the product activation to be lost, so you will not need a new Activation Code.

Download the Acquire software (WinZip archive format)

Download the Acquire Instruction Manual