ModuLab XM Series

  • ModuLab XM ECS
    ModuLab XM ECS Electrochemical Test System

    • Widest range of AC techniques across full frequency range - single-sine, multisine, harmonics, intermodulation
    • Highest accuracy DC and EIS – compare impedance accuracy contours
    • Widest voltage and current polarization range available
    • Anode/cathode, high voltage multi-cell stack testing, fastest acquisition for charge/discharge applications

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  • ModuLab XM PhotoEchem
    ModuLab XM Photoelectrochemical Test System

    • Perovskite Solar Cells, DSSC's, Water Splitting Anode Development, IPCE (Incident Photon to Current Efficiency)
    • Range of Frequency and Time Domain Measurement techniques including IMPS, IMVS, Impedance, PhotoVoltage Decay, Charge Extraction Techniques, I-V
    • 'Auto' analysis of data enabled for calculation of effective Diffusion coefficients and Electron Lifetimes

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