1285A DC Potentiostat Galvanostat

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In the world of electrochemical research, Solartron Analytical has established an unrivaled reputation for providing impedance measurement instruments of the highest quality and reliability. The introduction of the 1285A Potentiostat affords scientists specializing in DC electrochemistry the benefits of Solartron Analytical’s superior technology in a comprehensive yet cost-effective package.

The 1285A combines Solartron Analytical measurement hardware with highly respected CorrWare for Windows™software. In conjunction with a standard PC, a complete spectrum of DC measurement techniques can be applied with unprecedented ease.

Complex experiments can be set up, stored and repeated at the click of a mouse. Using the scanner facility, multiple sequences can be repeated indefinitely without further intervention. Data can be analyzed in a wide variety of display formats, and you can even calculate corrosion rates using automatic Tafel curve fit routines.
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  • Specifications +

    Measurement Configurations
    Cell connectors 2-, 3- or 4-terminal, all floating
    Common Mode Voltage,
    LO to EARTH (Ground)
    10 V
    Working Electrode
    Current measurement resistor (Rs) range:   
    0.1 Ω to 1 MΩ
    Full scale current ranges 2 A to 200 nA
    Maximum resolution (5.5 digits) 1 pA
    Limit of error: 0.1 reading ±0.0025% of full scale
    Counter Electrode
    Output voltage >±20 V with respect to LO
    Output current 2 A, subject to thermal protection limits:
    Slew rate 10 V/µs (potentiostatic control)
    Reference Electrodes
    Full scale voltage range ±14.5 V, 2 V, 200 mV
    Input impedance: >10 GΩ
    Input capacitance: <50 pF
    Input current: <1 nA
    Limit of error: 0.05% reading ±0.0025% full scale
    Common Mode Rejection: 70 dB
    DC Polarization
    Range ±14.5 V
    Limits of error: V <3.2 V: 0.2% ±200 µV
    V >3.2 V: 0.2% ±2 mV
    Max resolution: 100 µV
    Current range: ±2 A
    Limit of error: 0.2% ±0.1% of range
    Max resolution: 100 pA
    DC Sweep Capability - Analog Ramp
    Ramp rate (voltage) 6 mV / min to 6000 V / min
    Segment duration: 10 ms to 10s
    DC Sweep Capability - Stepped Ramp
    Step height: 5 µV / 5 pA to 29 V / 4 A
    Step duration: 10 ms to 10s
    GPIB (IEEE-488) For instrument control
    Power Requirements
    Voltage 90 to 110 VAC, 108 to 132 VAC, 198 to 242 VAC, 216 to 264 VAC
    Frequency 48 to 65 Hz
    Power 150 VA
    Width 432 mm (17")
    Depth 472 mm (18.5")
    Height 108 mm (4.25")
    Weight 11 kg (24 lbs)
    Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50 ºC (32 to 122 ºF)
  • Accessories +

    • Solartron Power Boosters

      • Up to 100 Volts
      • Up to 100 Amps
      • Wide frequency bandwidth for impedance measurements
      • Operates in boosted or non-boosted mode

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    • 636A Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode (RRDE)

      Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode (RRDE)

      • Disk or Ring-Disk configuration
      • Protective enclosure
      • Remote analog speed control (input is summed with front-panel settings)
      • A variety of disk and ring-disk electrode selections
      • Interchangeable electrode assemblies in either disk or cylinder configurations for corrosion studies
      • On/off and Rotational Rate Control

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    • 616A Rotating Disk Electrode

      Rotating Disk Electrode

      • Front-panel speed controls
      • Protective enclosure
      • Remote analog speed control (input is summed with front-panel settings)
      • Front-panel and remote (TTL) on/off switching
      • Remote analog output for speed verification
      • Integral ring-stand for convenient cell mounting

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    • K0235 Flat Cell Kit

      • Optimal construction for corrosion/coatings studies of flat specimens having a range of sizes and geometry

      • Specially designed gasket to minimize crevice corrosion

      • Platinum mesh counter electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode included

      • Exposed sample area is 1 cm2 with an option for a larger exposed area of 12.6 cm2

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    • K0047 Corrosion Cell Kit

      • Ideal for corrosion analysis of cylindrical metal specimens with an optional sample holder to accommodate flat specimens

      • Cell configuration is modeled after a design commonly found in many ASTM standards

      • Supplied with graphite counter electrodes and saturated calomel reference electrode (SCE) 

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    • RDE0018 Analytical Cell Kit

      • Designed with two cell top configurations, one for general use and the other for accommodating a rotating electrode (RDE, RRDE, RCE) connected to the 616 or 636 A/B rotator

      • Supplied with a platinum wire counter electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode

      • Standard 14/20 tapper joints can accommodate a variety of working electrodes and reference electrode chemistries

      • Operates with solution volumes from 5 – 50 mL

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    • K0264 Micro-Cell Kit

      • Intended to be used for any application where solution volume is limited, requiring volumes ranging from 3 to 15 mL

      • Purge tube assembly provided for bubbling or blanketing the solution with inert gas

      • Platinum wire counter electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode included

      • Compatible with a range of working electrode materials available in two sizes: 2 mm or 10 µm diameter

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    • K0307 Tait Cell Kit

      • Designed specifically for corrosion studies on flat specimens under conditions where typical reference electrodes are incompatible

      • Hastelloy C-276 reference and counter electrodes included

      • Exposed sample area of 32 cm2

      • Holds volumes as low as 80 mL

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    • Faraday Cage

      • Designed to shield anything housed in the cage from the effects of external electric fields, thereby reducing noise from interfering with the experiment
      • Standard faraday cage is 27 x 30 x 41 cm and is large enough to accommodate the VersaSTAT LC
      • An oversized faraday cage designed for use with the VersaSCAN is also available

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  • Options +

    560 001 160 National Instruments USB-GPIB Adapter
    31203B Shielded GPIB cable 6' (2 meter)
  • Software +

    • CorrWare/CorrView Software

      • Wide range of DC electrochemistry techniques including cyclic voltammetry, galvanostatic, potentiostatic, galvanodynamic, potentiodynamic, E&I noise, etc.
      • Full support of 12xx series potentiostats including 1287A, 1285A and 1280Z
      • Integration with ZPlot software and Solartron 12xx FRAs for impedance
      • Full support of Power Boosters up to 100 V and 100 A for testing high power batteries/ fuel cells and for anodization and electroplating.

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