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1280Z Electrochemical Test System

1280Z combines a potentiostat and FRA in a single instrument

Electrochemical Accessories Our accessories

  • Highlights +

    • Range of DC tests and AC tests, like EIS, with FRAs and ZPLOT software
    • Two high resolution digital voltmeters across multiple ranges
    • Patented pulse width conversion technique for high accuracy, stability and linearity
    • Electrochemical Interface for stand-alone FRAs such as 1260A, 1255B.
    • BNC connections ensure that different cable options are available locally.
    • Popular options of CorrWare acquisition software and USB-to-GPIB converter to support interface to modern computers.

  • Apps XM-Series +

    Apps XM-Series
    The Apps-XM Series consists of the EnergyLab XM, EchemLab XM, SolarLab XM, and Materials Lab XM.

    This family of instruments is built on the technology of the ModuLab XM platform. Specific combinations of options, such as frequency response analyzers (FRA), current boosters, voltage boosters, are popular when the ModuLab XM is configured for given applications.  We combine our design knowledge and industry experience to create a line of products with an application focus.

    These instruments have a smaller footprint to occupy less bench space.  They operate within the same XM-Studio software and have the same accuracy as the configurable version.

    Each of these models in the Apps-XM Series combine a potentiostat, frequency response analyzer, auxiliary voltage inputs. These provide the highest accuracy AC techniques for EIS across entire frequency range - single-sine, multisine, harmonics, intermodulation. The results are highly repeatable sub 100 μΩ measurements for the most demanding applications.
  • Applications and Software +

    Applications and Software

    EnergyLab XM is an application specific XM instrument designed for research of batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. EnergyLab XM’s extreme sensitivity is used for advanced testing of lithium ion batteries and alkaline batteries. This includes research in half-cell configurations and next generation low impedance cells in the sub 100 μΩ range as well as popular battery types such as 2032 coin cell testing and 18650 cell testing.

    EnergyLab XM includes a reference grade potentiostat galvanostat, frequency response analyzer (FRA), auxiliary voltage channels and 2A booster. These features provide accuracy to the most common tests for impedance and battery capacity (charge discharge) to measure rated capacity (mA h) or energy (watt hours) that a battery can deliver.

    High current may be needed for battery testing, to either fully charge or fully discharge the battery cell at high discharge rate or measure low impedance. External power boosters up to 100 A can be connected to the EnergyLab XM. Our boosters are automatically controlled for fully integrated tests.

    All modes -- poteniotstat, galvanostat...boosted and non -- make use of Solartron Analytical’s unique auxiliary channel capability. These auxiliary channels can measure nominal voltage across the battery terminals of a single cell in a stack or at the cell level across the anodes, cathodes, separators.  Simultaneous coordinated measurements of DC and impedance can identify the mode of battery failure and predict battery life.

    EnergyLab XM’s impedance accuracy contour plot highlights Solartron’s best in class measurement performance.

  • Brochure and Manual +

  • Differentiated Specifications +

     Specifications  ModuLab XM ECS EnergyLab XM EchemLab XM
    Polarization, Compliance Voltage ±8 V up to ± 100 V ± 8V ±100 V
    Max Current Output ± 300 mA up to ± 100 A  ± 2 A up to ± 100 A ± 300 mA up to ± 100 A
    Min Current Range ± 30 nA
    (1.5 pA resolution)
    to ± 30 pA (1.5 fA)
    ± 30 nA
    (1.5 pA resolution) 
    ± 30 nA
    (1.5 pA resolution) 
    Advanced EIS Functions
     Accuracy to sub 100 µΩ
     Auxiliary Voltage Inputs
     Multi-Sine (improved speed)
     Harmonic Analysis (cell linearity)
     Integrated EIS Modeling 
     With all FRA Modules  Standard
  • External Booster Options +

     Power Booster PART NUMBER Voltage, Current, Power
    BOOST6V100A Power Booster 6V, 100A 
    BOOST8V50A Power Booster 8V, 50A
    BOOST10V60A Power Booster 10V, 60A
    BOOST12V20A Power Booster  12V, 20A
    BOOST24V10A Power Booster 24V, 10A
    BOOST50V5A Power Booster 50V, 5A 
    BOOST50V25A Power Booster 50V, 25A , 125 W
    BOOST100V3A Power Booster 100V, 3A 
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  • Video +

    Watch video demonstrations of the 1280Z Electrochemical Test System

  • Optional Software +

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