616A Rotating Disk Electrode

Ancillary Instrumentation 616A
The Princeton Applied Research Model 616A Electrode Rotator is a high precision, low mass rotator that performs well with virtually any potentiostat. When connected to Princeton Applied Research electrochemical instrumentation, it uses control lines to give a remote start/stop and speed control. Using the convenient control panel and input jacks, the model 616 can easily be operated for either manual or automated experiments.

Standard features include:
  • Front panel speed controls
  • Protective enclosure
  • Remote analog speed control (input is summed with front panel settings)
  • Front Panel and remote (TTL) on/off switching (using Princeton Applied Research stir-control signals)
  • Remote analog output for speed verification
  • Integral ring-stand for convenient cell mounting
For versatility, a variety of electrode assemblies are available to perform a wide range of experiments, including:
  • High precision corrosion measurements
  • Ultra-trace analytical determinations
  • Automated Levich Plots
  • Hydrodynamically-modulated voltammetry
  • Cyclic stripping voltammetry
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  • Specifications +

    Power 115VAC or 230V AC, 50-60Hz, factory connected
    Weight 14lbs
    Operating Temperature 10°C to 40°C
    Control Unit Dimensions 11 3/8” W x 10 1/8” D x 5 ¾” H
    Base Dimensions 11” W x 15” D x 3/4” H
    Motor Permanent magnet DC, ironless rotor
    Motor Power Supply +24V dc Nominal
    Speed Control Closed loop servo-system. Temperature compensated tach generator mounted on motorshaft, providing rotational speed information
    Speed Range 100RPM to 8,000RPM
    Precision Better than ±1%
    Accuracy Better than ±3%
    Controls On/off switch, push button potentiometer control speed
    Motor Stop TTL level of user-selected polarity
  • Options +

    Fixed-Disk Electrodes for RDE (616A/B and 636A with RDE0027 Compatible)
    RDE0027 Shaft for 636A (Disk Arbor). See section for compatibility.
    RDE0005 Fixed-Disk Electrode Au RDE Tip (PTFE)
    RDE0005PK Fixed-Disk Electrode Au RDE Tip (PEEK)
    RDE0008 Fixed-Disk Electrode GC RDE Tip (PTFE)
    RDE0008PK Fixed-Disk Electrode GC RDE Tip (PEEK)
    RDE0004 Fixed-Disk Electrode Pt RDE Tip (PTFE)
    RDE0004PK Fixed-Disk Electrode Pt RDE Tip (PEEK)

    ChangeDisk Tips for RDE. Requires Electrode Inserts and Tools (616A/B and 636A with RDE0027 Compatible)
     ChangeDisk RDE Tip (PTFE)
     RDEAFE4K050  ChangeDisk Toolkit (for AFE4TQ050)
    616A & 636A Accessories
    RDE0011 Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) Assembly with Tool and a 430 SS sample