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RDE0018 Analytical Cell Kit

Analytical Cell Kit
The Model RDE0018 Analytical cell kit is designed for use with rotating disk and ring-disk electrodes. The kit contains two cell tops, RDE0010 and K0066. The RDE0010 cell top has five holes, four 14/20 standard taper ports to accept reference and counter electrodes, purge tube, etc and one slightly larger hole to accommodate the arbor from the rotating disk electrode. The K0066 cell top has five 14/20 standard taper ports that allow the cell to be used for standard electrochemical applications, where a rotator is not used.

Model Qty. Description Diagram  ID 
K0060 which includes: 1 Cell Bottom  Kit  -
1601-0077-0 1 Cell Collar  6
1601-0009-7 1 Cell Bottom  7
K0066 1 Top Assembly  5
RDE0010 1 Top Assembly (accomodates rotator)  5
RDE0019 1 Purge Tube  9
RDE0020 1 Reference Electrode Tube Assembly  8
RDE0021 1 Pt Counter Electrode Wire  1
RDE0022 1 AgCl-KCl Filling Solution  -
RDE0023 1 Counter Electrode Bridge Tube  4
RDE0024 1 Reference Electrode Cap  10
RDE0025 1 Counter Electrode Cap  3
2811-0205-0 1 Counter Electrode Screw  2
  • Diagram +

    Analytical Cell Kit
  • Pictures of Parts +




    Part Number



    Pt Counter Electrode Wire

    6" length, 28 gauge diameter


    Counter Electrode Screw 2811-0205-0


    Counter Electrode Cap RDE0025


    Counter Electrode Bridge Tube RDE0023


    Top Assembly RDE0010


    Cell Collar 1601-0077-0


    Cell Bottom 1601-0009-7


    Reference Electrode Tube Assembly RDE0020


    Purge Tube RDE0019


    Reference Electrode Cap RDE0024
  • Optional Accessories +

    Purge-Tube-2way-Stop-Cock  G0028 Purge Tube

    Incorporates a 14/20 standard taper joint to fit K0066 or RDE0010 cell tops.  A two-way Teflon stopcock directs inert gas stream through the analyte solution for displacement of dissolved oxygen or over solution to form inert gas blanket.  Only the flexible Teflon tubing contacts the solution.

    • T14/20 Standard Taper Joint
    Vycor-Frits  G0300 Porous Glass Frits (Replaces G0100 Vycor Frits)
    • Package of 5
    • 4 mm diameter
    • Includes 5 pieces of Teflon heat shrink tubing for mounting of frits 
     Electrode-Polishing-Kit  K0015 Polishing Kit

    A kit for polishing graphite or cleaning glassy carbon electrodes.  Complete with polishing cloth, 0.5 µm alumina and wash bottle.
     K0062 Polarographic Cell Bottom

    2 mL minimum volume.  Working volume of 2 - 50 mL.
    Jacketed-Cell-Bottom  K0064 Jacketed Cell Bottom

    A water jacketed version of the K0060 Cell Bottom suitable for connection to constant temperature circulators.  Working volume of 5 - 50 mL.
    K0065 Reference Electrode Bridge Tube

    Provides isolation of the K0077 or G0093 reference electrode from test solution to prevent contamination of test solution by reference electrode filling solution.  Incorporates a Porous Glass frit, making it ideal in situations where leakage of the test solution must be kept to an absolute minimum with minimal electrical resistance.  The K0065 comes complete and ready to use immediately.  Five replacement Porous Glass frits and five lengths of Teflon heat-shrink tubing are also supplied.
    K0085 Polarographic Cell Bottoms
    • Package of 6
    RDE0026 Reference Electrode Bridge Tube
    • 14/20 Standard Taper Joint on top
    • 28/15 Standard Ball Joint for mounting of tube to cell
    • 72 mm from top to top edge of ball joint
    • 70.5 mm from bottom of ball joint to tip
    • Tip incorporates a 4 mm Porous Glass Frit
    • Similar to part GOO95, except lower portion of the tube is shorter in the RDE0026
    Reference-Electrode  K0077 Saturated Calomel Reference Electrode
    • 3.5" long
    • 14/20 Standard Taper Joint
    • 4 mm Porous Glass Frit on the End
    • Saturated Potassium Chloride Filling Solution


    Reference-Electrode  G0093 Mercury-Mercurous Sulfate Reference Electrode

    This reference electrode is identical in physical configuration to the K0077 Reference Electrode except the G0093 contains a mercury-mercurous sulfate inner element immersed in a saturated potassium sulfate solution.  The electrode is employed in situations in which the use of a saturated calomel electrode would be unsatisfactory, for example, chloride analysis, silver analysis, etc.
    • 3.5" long 
    • 14/20 Standard Taper Joint
    • 4 mm Porous Glass Frit on the End
    • Saturated Potassium Sulfate Filling Solution


    K0103 Non-Aqueous Reference Electrode

    Incorporates a T14/20 standard taper joint for use with the K0065 reference electrode bridge tube.  Inner element is a silver wire immersed in acetonitrile containing 0.1M AgNO3.  This electrode is employed in applications involving non-aqueous supporting electrolytes such as benzene-methanol, acetonitrile and DMF.  Incorporates a 4 mm Porous Glass frit at the tip.
    G0155 Non-Aqueous Filling Solution

    A solution of 0.1M AgNO3 in Acetonitrile for use with the K0103 reference electrode.  125 mL.
    Polyethelyne-Frits  G0194 Polyethylene Frits and Tubing
    • For use in highly alkaline solutions, pH > 10, where Porous Glass frits will dissolve
    • Package of 5
    • 4 mm diameter
    • Includes 5 pieces of Teflon heat shrink tubing for mounting of frits