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Thank You for joining us for Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in San Diego, CA, USA

AMETEK - Scientific Instruments Booth at AABC 2021

AMETEK Scientific Instruments Booth at Advanced Automotive Battery Conference 2021 in San Diego, CA:  
PAR and Solartron Analytical Instruments will be Showcased

Oak Ridge, TN- 

Thank you for joining us at the Exhibit in San Diego, CA on December 7-9th, 2021 at the meeting of the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference AABC.  Rob Sides and other key members of the PAR/Solartron Team were at Booth Number 428.

Details on this conference and future meetings of this society can be accessed here: or your local sales contact.

Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical is a business unit of AMETEK Scientific Instruments within AMETEK, Inc.’s Advanced Technologies (AMT) division.  AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of approximately $5.0 billion.

We discussed:


    • Product Portfolio for Material Development, Cell Characterization and Module Evaluation for Li-ion Batteries
    • How our Team and Products can help you meet your project goals.